The Redskins are now riding with QB Colt McCoy

The Washington lost starting QB Alex Smith for the season.  Smith got sacked in the second half and during that Sack, Smith suffered a compound fracture with a broken tibia and fibula.  Needless to say, Smith is done for the rest of the season.

With that, the first place Redskins will turn to QB Colt McCoy.  With the loss to Houston today, the Redskins fall to 6-4 and Dallas improved to 5-5.  Washington faces Dallas on Thanksgiving, in Dallas.

McCoy came in for Smith and in his first pass tossed a 9 yard TD pass to TE Jordan Reed.  McCoy would also make a bad play call late in the fourth quarter with under 2 second left, throwing a 35 yard incompletion, rather than trying to get the Redskins in better field position for a shorter field goal.  It was a mixed bag.  McCoy finished 6 for 12 for 54 yards and a TD pass.  Doesn’t really matter anymore, McCoy will lead the Redskins for the remainder of the season.

If Redskins fans get anything positive out of this is that McCoy has been with Washington since 2014.  If there is anyone that knows the Washington offense better, it would only be head coach Jay Gruden.  Otherwise, McCoy knows the offense.  That’s a positive. However, can he play at a competitive level to win a division?  We will watch and see.

With no other quarterbacks on the roster, Washington will work out quarterbacks EJ Manuel, TJ Yates, and Mark Sanchez to serve as a backup to McCoy.  Options really are not plentiful for the Redskins.