Redskins start the season in the bottom half of the NFL

Expectedly, the Washington Redskins will start the 2018 NFL season at the bottom half of the NFL, in terms of power rankings.  And why wouldn’t they?  It is a show me league from season to season.

In our initial NFL Power Rankings, we have 17 NFL Power Rankings listed.  When averaging them all out, the Redskins have an average rank of 22.59.

Now, don’t get mad and frustrated with some of the NFL Power Rankings that have the Redskins ranked near the bottom of the NFL.  Just like many Redskins fans are skeptical, so are writers and drafters of these rankings.  They have every reason to.

Over the past few seasons, the Washington Redskins have produced nothing.  In fact, over the last two and half decades, the Redskins have been, minus a rare season here and there, mediocre at best.  Since 1992, the Redskins have posted a .500 record or worse 17 times.   In five of the nine most recent season, the Redskins accumulated double digit loss seasons.  Since 1993, the Redskins have posted a record of 168-230-2.  During that span of 25 years, the Redskins have reached the playoffs just 5 times.

So there is skepticism. Rightfully so.  The majority of the fan base year to year is skeptical.  So why shouldn’t these writers?    Production replaces skepticism.  The Washington Redskins embark on a brand new season and control their own fate.  Only they can turn skepticism into optimism.

As for our Power Rankings page, it will be updated each week and will most certainly grow in length, week to week.  So bookmark and check it out.