NFL Mock Database: 80% of mocks project QB Sam Darnold as the top pick

The NFL Mock Draft Consensus has been updated and the top overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns is QB Sam Darnold. The Browns are set quite well in the 2018 NFL Draft, holding the top pick and the fourth overall pick.

The NFL Mock Draft Database has grown to 206 NFL mock drafts, an increase from 163 mock drafts since our last update. This consensus NFL mock draft munch included NFL mock drafts updated between March 25 and March 31, a total of 50 NFL mock drafts.  The NFL Mock Draft Database is the original Mock Draft Database to appear on the Web, some 15 years ago.

Here is how the consensus for the top six picks in the NFL Draft and the draft pick for the Washington Redskins.

1st Pick:  The Cleveland Browns

Consensus Selection:  USC QB Sam Darold (80%)

The NFL mock drafts have a consensus that the Cleveland Browns will select USC QB Sam Darnold as the top overall pick in the NFL Draft.  This has been a steady projection since early February.  When we updated the Database in early March, 70% of mock projected Darold to Cleveland.  That has increased now to 80%, 40 of 50 mock drafts.   The Browns desperately need a quarterback.  They drafted DeShone Kizer last season, but he has not impressed and the Browns appear ready to move on from Kiser.  Other picks here are Wyoming QB Josh Allen and Penn State RB Saquon Barkley.

2nd Pick: The New York Giants

Consensus Selection:  UCLA QB Josh Rosen (32%)

The NFL mock drafts are projecting the NY Giants to go quarterback.  QB Josh Rosen is the favorite of the mock draft with 32% projecting Rosen to New York.  That is down from 45% in early March.  For the Giants, it would be a smart move to have Rosen learn under Manning without the pressure of having to start in 2018.  Other top projected picks here are DL Bradley Chubb (12 mocks) and RB Saquon Barkley (9 mocks).

3rd Pick:  The New York Jets

Consensus Selection:  UCLA QB Josh Rosen (50%)

QB Josh Rosen is projected by half of the 50 mocks to go third overall to New York Jets.  If you recall, the Indianapolis Colts held this pick, but traded the pick to the Jets on March 17.  Hence why QB Josh Rosen is now the leader here.  Of course, that depends on what the Giants do right above them.  DL Bradley Chubb led here in early March, but Rosen is the favorite now.  Now, granted, several of these projected picks here are not to the Colts, but projected trades.  .

4th Pick:  The Cleveland Browns

Consensus Selection:  Penn State RB Saquon Barkley (34%)

The Browns get Sam Darold and Saquon Barkley in one draft.  That’s what happens when you hold two draft picks in the top five.  Adding Darold and Barkley would certainly reshape and already reshaped Browns offense.  Other popular picks here are DL Bradley Chubb, QB Baker Mayfield, and S Minkah Fitzpatrick.

5th Pick:  The Denver Broncos

Consensus Selection:  Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield (24%)

This is a new leader for the Broncos.  This pick really tis up to whatever occurs in picks 1 through 4.  I feel pretty confident in saying that Denver will go Quarterback. Which one though will depend on what is done above.  Mayfield is the projected leader here, but he only garners 12 of the 50 mocks.  Other popular picks here are OG Quentin Nelson, RB Saquon Barkley, and QB Josh Allen.

6th Pick:  The Indianapolis Colts

Consensus Selection:  North Carolina State DL Bradley Chubb (38%)

The Colts traded down from 3rd overall pick to 6th overall pick and will likely still grab their edge pass rusher, DL Bradley Chubb.  At least 38% of mock drafts project that to occur.  For the Colts to get Chubb, they will need the Giants to go quarterback or take Barkley.  Other popular picks here are OG Quentin Nelson and RB Saquon Barkley.

There are top six NFL draft selections projections by the 42 most updated NFL mock drafts.

For the Washington Redskins, here is the breakdown of positions that NFL mock drafts are projecting to Washington.

Defensive Line:  18 mocks

Safety:  11 mocks

Cornerback:  6 mocks

Lienbacker:  5 mocks

The favorite overall selection for the Washington Redskins is Washington DT Vita Vea.  He is far from a consensus pick with 12 of the 50 mocks projecting him to the Redskins.  Had to tell what the Redskins will do.  They have several very distinct needs, but the two most pressing are defensive tackle and running back.  Washington could be a target to trade down and still possibly grab LSU RB Derris Guice.  Another possibility is for Washington to bolster their secondary and grab S Derwin James, if he falls to 13.

I would say the big choices for Washington are Vea, if he is there James, if he is there, and trading down for Guice.

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