LetsGoRedskins.com Pick Six: NFL Week One

Each week of the season, the writers here at LetsGoRedskins.com will pick five of the best games we select and the Redskins game each week.  We will pick the winners and keep a won/loss tally.

It’s about bragging rights!  So Let’s see who fares the best!

Game on.

San Francisco at Minnesota:

Tom:  MINN

Tom B.:  MINN

Mark:  MINN

Tampa Bay at New Orleans:

Tom:  NO

Tom B.:  NO

Mark:  NO

Kansas City at Los Angeles Chargers:

Tom:  KC

Tom B.:  LAC

Mark:  KC

Atlanta at Philadelphia:

Tom:  ATL

Tom B.:  PHL

Mark:  ATL

Buffalo at Baltimore:

Tom:  BALT

Tom B.:  BALT

Mark:  BALT

Washington Redskins at Arizona:


Tom B.:  ARIZ (Traitor!)

Mark:  WASH


Season Records:

Tom 0-0

Tom B 0-0

Mark 0-0