Alex Smith not expected to be ready for start of 2019 season

It is well known that Washington Redskins QB Alex Smith suffered a devastating injury, a compound fracture that has caused significant post injury infections.  Reports now surface that he likely will not be ready for the start of the 2019 season.

“No one has been able to definitively say he is going to play football going forward,” Rapoport said. “Of course everyone hopes that he is, but if you’re the Washington Redskins the reality is Smith is unlikely to be ready for the start of the 2019 season. They know right now they do need to find a quarterback to at least begin the season with. It’s just unclear whether that’s going to come in free agency or potentially in the draft.”

The bleak reality of the situation is that Smith’s career, which has spanned 14 seasons thus far, is in doubt.

News also came out that Washington had a $12 million injury policy on Smith.  The Redskins fully guaranteed Smith’s contract at $55 million upon signing, including a salty $27 million signing bonus. The Redskins have already  told paid $40 million of that guarantee this season.  That leaves $15 million for 2019.  There are injury triggers for $16 million owed to Smith in 2020.

There are significant cap implications for the Redskins.  In hindsight, the contract was not franchise friendly.  The worst case scenario has presented itself in Washington.   Bottom line is in 2019, his full salary will still paid and counted against the salary cap, a cap hit of $20.4 million. The same goes for 2020, with a hit of $21.4 million.

That is huge.  There really is no good news for the Redskins.

As for how Washington will proceed under center?  Who know?  Colt McCoy next year?  Possibly.  However, wouldn’t that really depend on whether Jay Gruden is still patrolling the sideline?  Likely.

The best scenario of course is for a full recovery for Smith.  If not, then you will likely see a cheaper veteran starter and Washington proceeding to draft their quarterback of the future to learn for a season.  That’s what I would do.