40 NFL Mock Draft Consensus: Darnold top overall pick by 55% of mocks

The NFL Mock Draft Consensus has been updated and the top overall pick has flipped from UCLA QB Josh Rosen to USC QB Sam Darold as the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.  It was the battle between two quarterbacks for the top spot to the Cleveland Browns.

The NFL Mock Draft Database lists 123 NFL mock drafts.  Our consensus NFL mock draft munch included all NFL mock drafts updated between January 17 through January 28, a total of 40 NFL mock drafts.  We will update the mock draft consensus regularly from now through the NFL Draft, which will be held on Thursday April 27, 2018.   Here is how the consensus for the top six picks in the NFL Draft and the draft pick for the Washington Redskins.

1st Pick:  The Cleveland Browns

Consensus Selection:  USC QB Sam Darnold (55%)

When we munched the NFL mock drafts on Christmas Day, an overwhelming 71% of mocks had UCLA QB Josh Rosen going first overall.  That has changed.  After Rosen made critical comments about being draft by Cleveland, that has changed.  Now, of the 40 most recent NFL mock drafts, Sam Darnold is the choice of 55% of the mock drafts.  Rosen is the choice of 8 of the 40 mock drafts.

2nd Pick: The New York Giants

Consensus Selection:  UCLA QB Josh Rosen (45%)

The NY Giants may be ready to move on past long time QB Eli Manning.  That is not for sure though given the new hire of Head Coach Pat Shurmur.  Shurmur has indicated that Manning will be the starting quarterback.  That certainly does not mean the Giants may not grab a quarterback.  Manning is going to be 37 years old.  Grooming a quarterback may not be a bad idea.  Of the 40 mock drafts, 18 believe the Giants will select QB Josh Rosen.  Darnold was second with 8 mock drafts. .

3rd Pick:  The Indianapolis Colts

Consensus Selection:  North Carolina State DE Bradley Chubb (55%)

The Colts have the 30th ranked overall defense in 2017.  They rank 31st in total sacks.  This pick makes sense.   55% of the NFL mock drafts believe the Colts will select EDGE Bradley Chubb with the third overall pick. That increased from 36% on Christmas to 55% today.   Chubb finished his season at North Carolina State season with 39 tackles and 10 sacks.  He would add an edge pass rusher that the Colts desperately need.  Penn State RB Saquon Barkley was second with 9 mock drafts selecting him to the Colts.

4th Pick:  The Cleveland Browns

Consensus Selection:  Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick (57%)

The Browns have two picks in the top 4 and will likely go quarterback and defense.  The popular pick here is Alabama S Minkah Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick is the top choice of 57% of the mock drafts.    Another popular choice here is RB Saquon Barkley with 9 mock drafts projecting him to the Browns.

5th Pick:  The Denver Broncos

Consensus Selection:  Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield (27%)

Rumors are swirling that Denver may be in on a possible trade with Washington for QB Kirk Cousins.  That would obviously impact this selection.  Right now, QB Baker Mayfield is the choice of 27% of the mocks.  QB Josh Allen is a close second with 10 of the 40 mocks.  Overall, 28 of the 40 mock drafts have Denver going quarterback.

6th Pick:  The New York Jets

Consensus Selection:  Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield (27%)

Again, see above.  The pick will be fluid dependent upon how the top five picks rounds out.  Thew New York Jets are likely going to go quarterback.  The choice becomes who is there at that pick.

There are top six NFL draft selections.

For the Washington Redskins, here is the breakdown of positions that NFL mock drafts are projecting to Washington.

Safety:  11 mock drafts

Quarterback:  10 mock drafts

Defensive Line:  5 mock drafts

Wide Receiver:  5 mock drafts

Linebacker:  2 mock drafts

Quarterback:  2 mock drafts


The favorite overall selection for the Washington Redskins is Florida State Safety Derwin James.  Of the 40 NFL mock drafts, 7 believe James will be the choice of the Redskins.  QB Josh Allen was the choice of 5 mock drafts.  Much of this will depend on above picks and the fate of QB Kirk Cousins.



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