27 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins ranked an average 15.22

Each week we keep a table of NFL Power Rankings.  The list will grow as the season grows.  As of now, we have listed 27 NFL Power Rankings and the Redskins rank spot in each one and the change from the previous week.  Check it out here.  We update this table every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here are what a few of the Power Rankings are saying after Week One about the Washington Redskins.

the Score

Alex Smith was surgical in his Redskins debut, while Greg Manusky’s defense may finally be putting the pieces together. Washington has the look of a playoff contender.

Pro Football Talk

This team will go as far as Adrian Peterson can take them. Based on his recent injury history, that may not be very far. (Disclaimer: I’d still never bet against the guy.)


Alex Smith brushed off any concerns about the supporting cast around him after going from Kansas City to Washington. He completed 13 of 15 passes for 190 yards and two touchdowns targeting his running backs and tight ends against the Cardinals. That’s his most yards targeting RBs and TEs since Week 16 in 2016

Yahoo Sports

When you have one data point on teams, it’s hard to determine if it was “winning team is better than we thought” or “losing team is worse than we thought.” I think Sunday’s Washington win told us more about the Cardinals. But I’m keeping an open mind to the Redskins being a team that surprises us. I just need to see more than a win over the Cardinals.

The Sporting News

Alex Smith delivered efficient offense, made easier by strong offensive line play and the 1-2 punch of Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson in the running game. The defensive performance, however, was the most encouraging.

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