The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 14

01. Dallas Cowboys (11-1): They can win pretty or they can win ugly, as they did last week against the Vikings. All they do is win. (NC)

02. New England Patriots (10-2): I wanted to drop these guys below the Raiders, but their win was convincing enough for me to keep them here. I still think losing Gronk will cost them. (NC)

03. Oakland Raiders (10-2): When these guys are trailing by two touchdowns in the second half, they don’t get scared — they get even. And then they get ahead. And then they win. Derek Carr is the MVP candidate everyone should be talking about. (NC)

04. Seattle Seahawks (8-3-1): One week after looking like a pretender, they’re back to contenders after embarrassing the Panthers 40-7. This team is inconsistent, but if they get on a hot streak in January, they’re the best team in the NFC. (NC)

05. Kansas City Chiefs (9-3): Eric Berry is something. So are these Chiefs, who seemingly invent new ways to win every week. (NC)

06. Denver Broncos (8-4): Got a big win with a backup rookie QB and will need another win against the Titans this week because they finish the season against the Patriots, Chiefs and Raiders. (NC)

07. Detroit Lions (8-4): Took down the Saints in New Orleans, which isn’t easy to do, and shut down Drew Brees in the process, which is virtually impossible. (+1)

08. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5): Does dominating the Giants signal the Steelers are getting serious again? If so, watch out, Raiders and Patriots. (+1)

09. Atlanta Falcons (7-5): Well, that was a weird way to lose. (-2)

10. Baltimore Ravens (7-5): That was the Joe Flacco the Ravens have wanted to see since he signed that monster deal after 2012. They don’t see him very often. (+5)

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5): Their defense has awakened and shut down Phillip Rivers and the Chargers last week, en route to the team’s fourth straight quality win. They’re tied atop the NFC South, but still have two games against the Saints adn one in Dallas. (+5)

12. New York Giants (8-4): Were totally outclassed by the Steelers and now must play the Cowboys, who are a helluva lot better in week 14 than they were in week 1. (-2)

13. Washington Redskins (6-5-1): Skins fans are down in the dumps, but the return of Trent Williams and Jordan Reed, as well as a schedule featuring three struggling teams (Panthers, Eagles, Bears) the next three week, should put Washington in a good position to be 9-5-1 going into the week 17 home game against the NY Giants. (-2)

14. Arizona Cardinals (5-6-1): Finally played like the team they should be and if they can keep doing it, they’re a threat to anyone on their schedule. (+8)

15. Green Bay Packers (6-6): Don’t you feel great when you switch over to the Packers game and you see snow falling in Lambeau Field? Is there anything that says “football” more than that sight? (+3)

16. Minnesota Vikings (6-6): Offensive line won’t let the Vikings have nice things. (-3)

17. Buffalo Bills (6-6): Looked great against the Raiders until… Then they didn’t look great at all. (-3)

18. Miami Dolphins (7-5): I saw problems when they barely beat the Niners, but losing by 32 points to the Ravens and making Joe Flacco look like Johnny Unitas 2.0? (-2)


19. San Diego Chargers (5-7): Could not handle those red-hot Bucs. (-2)

20. New Orleans Saints (5-7): I have no idea how Detroit’s terrible pass defense shut down Drew Brees and I’ll bet they couldn’t do it again. They don’t have to. (NC)

21. Tennessee Titans (6-6): Let’s hope they spent their bye week practicing how to cover receivers. (+3)

22. Indianapolis Colts (6-6): Monday night we finally saw the Andrew Luck of 2012-2014. Impressive. (+3)

23. Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1): Andy Dalton shredded the previously-stout Eagles defense and did it without AJ Green. (+3)

24. Houston Texans (6-6): The Colts and Titans are not good enough to take this team down, but Brock Osweiler is bad enough to do it. (-1)

25. Philadelphia Eagles (5-7): Seven losses in the last nine games and QB Carson Wentz has thrown 3 TD and 8 INT in the last 5 games. (-6)

26. Carolina Panthers (4-8): This team looks worse than one of Cam Newton’s post-game outfits. The less said about his pre-game outfits, the better. (-5)

27. Los Angeles Rams (4-8): His teams are mediocre or terrible every year and all Jeff Fisher does is get contract extensions. How the hell does that keep happening? (NC)

28. Chicago Bears (3-9): Need to get the 49ers on the schedule more often. (+1)

29. New York Jets (3-9): Made Monday Night Football even worse than usual. (-1)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10): Another week, another pick-6 by Bortles. (NC)

31. San Francisco 49ers (1-11): When going back to Blaine Gabbert seems like your best choice, YOU. ARE. EFFED. (NC)

32. Cleveland Browns (0-12): If they’re going to get a win, this week’s tilt against the Bengals is probably their best chance. (NC)