Washington Redskins Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Against the Giants

The Washington Redskins pulled out a HUGE win against the NY Giants 29-27 a huge win and a division  win a that!  Huge win!



How can you not?  The dude preserve the win, single-handedly.  Remember all those rumors and leaks?  They all end with one thing — WINNING.  Cravens made that possible by a sweet interception, which was not an easy pick.  The McCloughan draft picks are paying off.  Cravens ended the game with a tackle, 2 assists and an ever important pick.  You deserve it Cravens!


A 52 yard punt return.  4 catches for 78 yards including a TD reception.  The draft pick out of Duke is proving to be a true offensive weapon for the Redskins.  Need I say, I say gutsy call to start Crowder in my fantasy league and got 17 points.  Way to go Jamison Crowder.  He helped the Redskins win and me to build a nice lead.  We give a Thumbs Up to the emerging receiver from Washington!

Honorable Mention:  Josh Norma.  he got in the head of Odell Beckham.  Pretty clear.  No antics, just pure shut down.  Beckham caught 121 yards worth of reciting, but did not kill the Redskins.  Good job by the Redskins secondary.  How about that pick from Quinton Dunbar.  Sensation one-handed grab.  Kudos to him.



The play calling, despite the win, is simply mystifying.  Third down and short and no time out called to regroup.  The play at the end of the half, that cost the Redskins three points reached up poor time clock management and poor play calling.   No one will ever convince me that Gruden’s playing calling and time management is not holding this team back.


Eight penalties for 70 yards is a killer.  That reads of lack of discipline and falls directly not he brave, Jay Gruden.  Are we rough on Gruden?  Absolutely.  The Redskins out played the Giants  from start to finish,  The game should not have been this close.  The play calling stunk and the penalties are unacceptable.  Gruden need to take a look in the mirror and determine what ind of coach he wants to be.  The leash should be short, despite the win.

Dishonorable Mention:  Injuries.  DeAngelo Hall, Bashing Breeland, Kory Litchensteiger, and Shawn Lauvoao were inured during the game,  That is not good long-term. The Redskins still won.  But, this is no good long-term for depth purposes.