Washington Redskins current Free Agents: What we know

Here is what we know about the current Washington Redskins free agents.

WR DeSean Jackson:  There is heavy interest with several teams in the NFL.  The heaviest appears to be the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Jackson apparently has interest with Tampa as well.   Pete Schrager from the The NFL Network tweeted this afternoon that he believes the Redskins will retain Jackson.


Jackson is a deep ball threat.  Washington needs that and Jackson would be potential downfield threat combined with a more likely active role for WR Jamison Crowder.  The estimated contract that Jackson may get is between $10 to $14 million per season.  That may be what seals the fate of Jackson in DC.  Redskins are expected to make significant changes tot he defense.  That type of price range and a potential bidding war with Tampa Bay may cause Washington to move in another direction at receiver.

WR Pierre Garcon:  There is so much rumor out there regarding Garcon, his status with the Redskins, and whether he requested a trade at the beginning of last season.  All in all, it really does not matter.  What matters is, what does Garcon want and are he Redskins willing to pay it, while trying to do serious upgrades on defense?  The Redskins reportedly did ‘check in’ with Garcon this week.

Garcon expected to draw heavy interest.  IN the NFC East, Dallas and Philadelphia are rumored to have interest in Garcon.  Outside the division, we have heard Minnesota, Green Bay, St. Louis, Baltimore, and San Francisco.

At one point this off-season, I would have bet that Garcon would have been retained over Jackson, if either are retained.  I do not necessarily think that any longer.  I am not certain Washington ever really had any interest in retaining Garcon.  Certainly the front office actions would leave you to believe that.

TE Vernon Davis:  I think Davis remains a priority for the Redskins.  It actually has been pretty silent on the Davis front, outside Davis’ stated interest in returning.  For Washington, they need a veteran Tight End to backup, supplement, and perhaps start at the position, due to Jordan Reed’s inability to stay healthy for a complete season.  Davis fit the role quite well last season.

I am not really certain as to why the Redskins would not want to resign the veteran Tight End.  Davis caught 45 passes for 583 and 3 TDs, averaging 13.3 yards per catch.  Those are great numbers for a backup tight end.

DL Chris Baker:  The Redskins and Baker have had contract extension discussions.  Nothing has come to fruition as of yet.  Other teams that have reported interest in Baker include Denver, Indianapolis, and Tampa Bay.  Broncos are said to be the hottest pursuers of Baker.  The Redskins are expected to make some significant additions and changes to a pretty awful 2016 team defense.  The Redskins may be looking at an entirely different picture of a reshaped defense.

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