The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 13

01. Dallas Cowboys (10-1): Dak Prescott has been the best QB in the NFL in the 4th quarter and overtime this season. What kind of rookie is that? (NC)

02. New England Patriots (9-2): This is a vastly different — and distinctly inferior — team without Gronk so the Pats better hope his back heals up quick. (+1)

03. Oakland Raiders (9-2): Another young quarterback who thrives in the fourth quarter, Derek Carr led his team back to victory after the defense gave up 25 points in the second half. The only cure for that Oakland defense is Derek Carr. (+1)

04. Seattle Seahawks (7-3-1): Their offense has failed to score a TD in 3 games this season. (-2)

05. Kansas City Chiefs (8-3): Von Miller and JJ Watt get all the press, but Justin Houston’s return is a huge deal and and he proved it with a monster game against the Broncos in Denver. (+1)

06. Denver Broncos (7-4): Hanging on to a wild card spot won’t be easy, with games against the Patriots, Raiders and Chiefs still to come. (-1)

07. Atlanta Falcons (7-4): Their high-flying offense will get a stern test when the Chiefs and their tough defense come to town this Sunday.

08. Detroit Lions (7-4): Matt Stafford and Matt Prater keep lifting the Cardiac Kids to last-second wins. More of that magic will be required when they face Drew Brees and the Saints. (+3)

09. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5): Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell have these guys back on top of the AFC North, where they belong. (+6)

10. New York Giants (8-3): Cupcake Junction is over. Now we find out if they’re Giants or still midgets. (-1)

11. Washington Redskins (6-4-1): The bad news is they got swept by the Cowboys. The good news is they don’t play the Cowboys again. (Probably.) (-3)

12. Miami Dolphins (7-4): Barely held on at home to beat a bad 49ers team. Not a great sign even though they’ve won 5 straight. (-2)

13. Minnesota Vikings (6-5): Their vertical passing game is far too horizontal, thanks to a bad offensive line and, well, Sam Bradford. (-1)

14. Buffalo Bills (6-5): Will go as far as their great running game can take them. That might be all the way to the playoffs. (NC)

15. Baltimore Ravens (6-5): Justin Tucker is their MVP. (+1)

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5): Have won 3 straight for the first time in 3 years, led by Gerald McCoy and a suddenly-frisky defense. McCoy was in a walking boot after the win over Seattle, though, and that’s a big concern. (+7)

17. San Diego Chargers (5-6): Would be a playoff contender in almost any other division. Game against Tampa this week should be fun to watch. (+8)

18. Green Bay Packers (5-6): Slowly getting healthier on defense and Aaron Rodgers is still Gandalf. (+3)

19. Philadelphia Eagles (5-6): Carson Wentz is regressing, but he needs and deserves a lot more help from his receivers than he’s getting. (-6)

20. New Orleans Saints (5-6): The great Drew Brees has thrown 30+ TD 9 times, a feat matched only by Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Look for him to light the Lions secondary on fire this Sunday. (+4)

21. Carolina Panthers (4-7): Love the way they never quit against the Raiders, but will they maintain that intensity now that they are basically out of playoff contention? (+1)

22. Arizona Cardinals (4-6-1): Palmer has thrown as many picks this year as all of last year and already been sacked more often. (-4)

23. Houston Texans (6-5): The Colts and Titans are not good enough to take this team down, but Brock Osweiler is bad enough to do it.(-6)

24. Tennessee Titans (6-6): I called these guys phonies last week and I stand by it. Their pass defense is awful and they were lucky to beat the horrid Chicago Bears. (-4)

25. Indianapolis Colts (5-6): Despite their lowly ranking here, their awful division and easy upcoming schedule means they should be back in the playoff hunt in two weeks. (-6)

26. Cincinnati Bengals (3-7-1): No running game and, without AJ Green, no passing game either. Cincy’s annual flop in the first round of the playoffs will come to an end. (NC)

27. Los Angeles Rams (4-7): Offense finally showed up, just as the defense took the day off. (NC)

28. New York Jets (3-8): Even with Gronk out and Brady having his worst game in a long, long time, the Jets still couldn’t beat the Patriots. (NC)

29. Chicago Bears (2-9): Titans cornerbacks refused to cover Bears wideouts, so the Bears wideouts refused to catch the ball. (NC)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9): Blake Bortles now a better runner than thrower. (NC)

31. San Francisco 49ers (1-10): Colin Kaepernick became the first person in franchise history to throw 3 TD and rush for 100 yards in the same game… and they still lost their 10th straight game. (NC)

32. Cleveland Browns (0-12): Might lose a football game to the Cavaliers or Indians. (NC)


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