The Redskins Youth Report: A Mid-Season Review

As we continue to phase DC Pro Sports Report into a Redskins only site, Redskins Football Report, we bring back the feature article, the Redskins Youth Report.  You may remember that feature article from the now defunct

In this feature article, each week will track and analyze the Redskins rookies and how they are performing and progressing.

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LB S’ua Cravens:  Cravens has been a pleasant development for the Washington Redskins, though not entirely unexpected.  They did expect to utilize Cravens in a hybrid role because of his size and speed.  He can fit into a safety or linebacker role.  The question for defensive coordinator Joe Barry is whether to increase the role of Cravens at the safety position.  Washington has been banged up in the secondary and Cravens has been getting safety reps on the scout team.  The Redskins love his speed, intensity, and his sure tackling skills.  On the season, Cravens has 17 tackles and 1 sack.  The down side is the fact that we are eight games into the season and Cravens has already experienced a concussion.  Can Cravens health hold up?  Of the rookie class, he is certainly one of the most exciting to watch.  Who is going to forget the interception to preserve the 29-27 win over the New York Giants in week 3? Grade:  B+

Last Week Stats: 1 tackle against the Bengals

Season Stats:  17 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Interception, 4 Pass Deflections, 1 Tackle for Loss

WR Josh Doctson:  Doctson was the Redskins first round draft pick.  He was purposely picked by GM Scot McCloughan to give the Redskins receiving corp some quality size.  Despite knowing that Doctson had an Achilles injury he was rehabbing when drafted, the Redskins have to bore some responsibility for pushing Doctson on to the field too soon. They kept him out of training camp and pre-season, but should have kept him out a few games into the season as well.  It isn’t like the Redskins were starving for receivers.  All that did was waste an entire rookie season, as Doctson was placed on the injured reserve after appearing in just two games.   Given the fact that Doctson never got a real opportunity to show his value, I do not feel comfortable giving him a grade.  Grade:  Incomplete

Last Week Stats:  None, on IR

Season Stats: 2 Receptions, 66 Yards, 33 YPC, 57 Long, 0 TDs

CB Kendall Fuller:  The word out of the draft is that when Washington selected Virginia Tech CB Kendall Fuller in the third round of the NFL draft, they may have made an absolute steal in the draft.  He was a projected first round pick before injuring his knee his senior season.  Fuller received high accolades during training camp that carried into the pre-season.  he spent his first three weeks of the season as an inactive roster member.  That stopped when CB DaShaun Phillips was injured.  Fuller has since taken and run with the nickel corner role in the Redskins defense.  The Redskins coaching staff have not been shy about their love for the way Fuller plays football.  In just five active games, Fuller has racked up 21 tackles.   More than likely, when Phillips is able to return, he will find that his starting nickel role is no longer his to take.  Each and every game Fuller plays, he learns, is getting smarter, and getting simply better.  Grade:  B+

Last Week Stats: 7 Tackles

Season Stats: 21 Tackles, 0 Sack, 0 Interception, 1 Pass Deflections, 0 Tackle for Loss

WR Maurice Harris:  Harris was on the Redskins practice squad for much of the season.  In fact, he was active for the first time last week, surprisingly active over WR Rashad Ross, which may speak volumes about what the Redskins think of Ross.  The Redskins like Harris.  He was an undrafted rookie out of California.  He has great size at 6’3″.  They liked his production and development during the off-season as well.  If needed, we will develop this grade ongoing, but don’t have enough on Harris to provide a current grade.  Grade:  Incomplete

Last Week Stats: 0 Receptions, 0 Yards, 0 YPC, 0 Long, 0 TDs – – –  1 Kick Return, 17 Yards

Season Stats: 0 Receptions, 0 Yards, 0 YPC, 0 Long, 0 TDs – – –  1 Kick Return, 17 Yards

DE Matt Ioannidis: Ioannidis was a fourth round draft selection for the Redskins.  Ioannidis was cut by the Redskins out of training camp and signed to the practice squad.  He has shown some promising ability but his impact has been minimal.  The Redskins defensive line is the worst position on the team and will likely get overhauled this coming off-season.  He really has not played all that much.  Grade:  C

Last Week Stats: Not Active

Season Stats: 4 Tackles, 0 Sack, 0 Interception, 0 Pass Deflections, 0 Tackle for Loss

RB Robert Kelley:  Who is excited at Robert Kelley getting the opportunity run the football?  Fat Rob, as he is known by his teammates, landed the starting role in the tie over the Bengals.  Matt Jones was out injured and once again has had fumbling issues.  Kelley had a terrific pre-season which is why the Redskins simply could not cut the undrafted rookie.  He has performed well so far this season as well, good enough that during this bye week, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said that the status of the running game is “it’s going through Robert Kelley as I stand up here right now.”  Kelley holds two significant elements of the run game over Matt Jones.  First, he hold son to the football.  That is the paramount concern.  There is nothing coaches hate more than a running back putting the ball on the ground.   Second, Kelley is much more effective than Jones in gaining yards after first contact.  He tends to run with power and drag tacklers for additional yards.  He is averaging a solid 2.58 yards after initial contact.  Not Jones.  He is also averaging a solid 5.0 yards per carry.  The Redskins ground game is 8th overall in the NFL in yards per carry.  That may rise with Kelley. I like Kelley.  I think he can grab the feature back role and run with it.  Grade:  A-

Last Week Stats: 21 Carries, 87 Yards, 4.1 YPC, 16 Long, 1 TDs – – – 0 Receptions, 0 Yards, 0 YPC, 0 Long, 0 TDs

Season Stats: 38 Carries, 190 Yards, 5.0 YPC, 45 Long, 1 TDs – – – 1 Receptions, 1 Yards, 1.0 YPC, 0 Long, 0 TDs

DE Anthony Lanier:  Redskins liked Anthony Lanier through training camp and preseason.  Lanier was not active his first seven weeks, but played his first NFL game in London.  With the struggles and weakness up front, I suspect the Redskins will give Lanier a look. In overtime, Lanier jumped on a fumble by Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton that was forced by Chris Baker.  The undrafted rookie out of Alabama A & M will certainly see more looks the second half of the season.  At this point, there is just not enough to grade him on.  Grade:  Incomplete

Last Week Stats: 1 Fumble Recovery

Season Stats: 0 Tackles, 0 Sack, 0 Interception, 0 Pass Deflections, 0 Tackle for Loss

QB Nate Sudfield:  The rookie out of Indiana made the roster but has not been active all season, as expected.  His battle will come in the off-season to see if he can hang onto a roster spot.  If he does see action this season, then something went terrible wrong. No grade.  Grade:  Incomplete

Last Week Stats:  None

Season Stats:  None

This feature article returns to our Redskins coverage and will be a weekly feature article.


  • like most of it . . . though i would change a few . . . Matt Ioannidis i would have at a D or D- to me he could be cut and i would not care one bit as i think Lanier is far far far far far better and i cannot put Robert Kelly ahead of Cravens or Fuller . . . he is ok, he has ok vision and ok patience and runs with good power, so he doesn’t get a lot of negative carries . . . but has no speed or burst and will be nothing more than a decent back, with his blocking (which is really good for a rookie rb) i would give him a B . . . which is AWESOME for a undrafted rookie . . . however we need more at that position, a lot more IMO

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