Report: Redskins and QB Kirk Cousins discussing long term deal

According to multiple reports, the Washington Redskins and QB Kirk Cousins have begun frame work discussion on a potential long term deal.  The Redskins applied the franchise tag for the second consecutive season to Cousins a few days ago.

Sources are reporting that the Redskins have offered Cousins a long term deal at $20 million per season.  The franchise tag is worth $24 million.  That is likely where any long term deal parameter lies.  If you recall, the maximum offer for Cousins last season by the Redskins brass was $16 million per season.  The fact the Redskins are offering $4 million below the franchise tag shows that any long term deal may be far off.   Bottom line is, Cousins will likely command between $24 and $25 million per season and until numbers such as that are discussed, the Cousins’ saga will just continue to drag on.  The positive news is the fact that discussions are occurring between the two sides.

In terms of other Redskins free agents, WR Pierre Garcon confirmed this morning that there has been no approach from the Redskins to him regarding a contract extension.  That is likely indicative of the fact that Washington may be planning to go in en entirely new, and perhaps, younger path at wide receiver.   The Redskins are also not expected to resign WR DeSean Jackson.

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