Report: Fred Davis benched for missing pregame meetings

Although Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan earlier today refused to confirm or deny that TE Fred Davis was benched for virtually the entirety of the Monday night loss to the 49ers because he missed team meetings, apparently, that’s exactly what happened.

You might think this is stunning. A player who has been benched for poor performance and effort has the chance to get real playing time because the guy in front of him — rookie Jordan Reed — is injured. And what does this player do? Well, if he’s Fred Davis, he skips pregame meetings and gets benched. This isn’t surprising. Davis fell in the 2008 NFL Draft because he had these sorts of problems. He was suspended for the final four games of 2011, the best season of his career, for drug abuse. And this year, right after signing a one-year deal and playing for the chance to sign a big contract next season, Davis puts out little or no effort and is benched. Now this.

The story of Fred Davis’ career is a sad story of wasted potential and squandered opportunities. You might say Fred Davis never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He is his own worst enemy. Soon he will no longer be a problem for the Washington Redskins to solve.

And that big contract Davis wants? It seems farther away than ever.