The Redskins Youth Report: Post Dallas

In this feature article, we track and analyze the progress of the Redskins rookies.

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Redskins Rookies


LB S’ua Cravens:  Cravens played in a total of 26 snap counts on the defense and recorded 2 tackles.  Mason Foster picked up a bigger load because of Dallas being a run heavy offense behind rookie running back Ezekial Elliott.  Cravens impact was not as high last week against Dallas as the previous week against Green Bay.  Week Grade:  C

Last Week Stats: 2 tackles, 0 QB pressures, 0 Tackle for Loss

Season Stats:  29 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Interception, 5 Pass Deflections, 2 Tackle for Loss

WR Josh Doctson:  Doctson was placed on the Injured Reserve. Grade:  Incomplete

Season Stats: 2 Receptions, 66 Yards, 33 YPC, 57 Long, 0 TDs

CB Kendall Fuller:  Fuller led the team in tackles.  That is not meant to be impressive.  That means he was targeted.  Fuller has taken over the nickel position and has struggled.  Many rookies do.  It is not an easy position to learn on the fly.  Prescott did hit Dez Bryant for a 26 yard key first down in the final quarter.  Fuller actually had Bryant covered quite well. No doubt Dallas knew where to throw the ball late.   Week Grade:  C-

Last Week Stats: 5 Tackles, 1 Pass Defense

Season Stats: 36 Tackles, 0 Sack, 0 Interception, 2 Pass Deflections, 0 Tackle for Loss

WR Maurice Harris:  Harris , an undrafted rookie,wasn’t that big of a factor against Dallas.  Quite frankly, he shouldn’t be.  Harris is certainly a great project for Jay Gruden.  Has tremendous size, runs crisp routes, and has sure hands.  But, he is also young, untested, and still learning the offense.  Harris caught 2 passes this week for 11 yards.   Week Grade:  C

Last Week Stats: 2 Receptions, 11 Yards, 5.5 YPC, 0 Long, 0 TDs

Season Stats: 6 Receptions, 53 Yards, 8.8 YPC, 15 Long, 3 FD, 0 TDs – – –  1 Kick Return, 17 Yards

DE Matt Ioannidis: Ioannidis was inactive for the week.    Week Grade:  Incomplete

Last Week Stats: Not Active

Season Stats: 4 Tackles, 0 Sack, 0 Interception, 0 Pass Deflections, 0 Tackle for Loss

RB Robert Kelley:  Kelley did not have his biggest game this week.  Yet, it is hard to blame him.  Jay Gruden and Sean McVay abandoned the run game fairly early ij the game, and that is one of the negatives we pointed out.  Washington could have taken a more run approach to keep Dak Prescott and Ezekial Elliott sidelined, but Gruden still chose to throw more often.  The Redskins average passing the ball a little over 62% in total offensive balance.  Against Dallas it was over 70%.   Part of that can be attributed to playing catch up, but the run game was also not very effective.  Kelley ran that ball 14 timed for 37 yards.  His longest run of the day was just 8 yards.  Kelley gets better as his carries go up, but unfortunately, the Redskins never got the opportunity because they abandon the run.   Grade:  C-

Last Week Stats: 14 Carries, 37 Yards, 2.6 YPC, 21 Long, 0 TDs – – – 2 Receptions, 5 Yards, 2.5 YPC, 8 Long, 0 TDs

Season Stats: 98 Carries, 461 Yards, 4.7 YPC, 66 Long, 4 TDs, 17 Firs Downs – – – 4 Receptions, 4 Yards, 1.0 YPC, 0 Long, 1 TD

DE Anthony Lanier:  Lanier only played a total of 3 snaps against the Dallas Cowboys.  Overall, the Redskins defensive front did not play well against the NFL’s best offensive line.  Lanier did suffer a minor leg contusion in the Dallas game and did not practice yesterday.    Week Grade:  C

Last Week Stats: None

Season Stats: 0 Tackles, 0 Sack, 0 Interception, 0 Pass Deflections, 0 Tackle for Loss, 1 F Rec

QB Nate Sudfield:  The rookie quarterback has not been active this season.  Week Grade:  Incomplete

Last Week Stats:  None

Season Stats:  None

This feature article returns to our Redskins coverage and will be a weekly feature article.


SOPHOMORE OF THE WEEK:  Jamison Crowder caught 88 passes for 88 yards including a nice 38 yard reception.  He was held scoreless this week.  Crowder is turning into an elite receiver for Washington and makes the sting of losing either or both of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon to free agency.  .