Redskins versus Ravens Game Day Post and Discussion Thread

Here we go.  Battle of the Beltway.  The Washington Redskins, at 2-2, face-off against Beltway rival Bat\ltimore Ravens, at 3-1.

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Our keys to the game:

We Will Say It Again . . . Matt Jones has to give the Redskins the kind of ground game he did last week.  They need a 100+ yard game to keep the pressure off QB Kirk Cousins.  Jones gained 117 yards on 22 carrier last week against Cleveland.  That was a 5.3 yards per carry average.  The Redskins also need to utilize Chris Thompson more.  This is a wannabe game.  However, things have to go right, and the ground game is a key.

Eliminate Mistakes . . . Redskins can’t afford turnovers.  Even more so, they need to find discipline.  9 to 10 penalties will lose this game today.  TE Jordan reed will be a huge factor.  He also needs to eliminate his two penalties per game.

BUT, We All Know . . . To have success today, the Redskins have got to get out of the tackling like a high school football teams.  Despite the win over Cleveland last week, the poor tackling was quite alarming.  They tackle like they did last week, this is going to be quite a long game for the Redskins defense.  This all goes to concentration, preparation, and discipline, all facets that have been lacking in this young season.

And We Will Be Looking For . . . WR Jamison Crowder to have a big game.  With the Redskins passing game humming a long quite well, they have the targets to cause a problems for the Ravens defense.  The offense is 3rd overall, with the passing offense ranked 5th.  Crowder has avoided a sophomore slump and should get plenty of opportunities today.  He’s fast, has sure hands, and will likely have some mismatches today.  Cousins needs to scan the field and find open targets.  Crowder ill be one that has open opportunities.

And Finally  . . . The Redskins are ranked 30th in the NFL in the red zone.  Field goals are not going to defeat the Ravens.  They have got to execute in the red zone and I suspect that may center around Jordan Reed.  They were much more effective last week, but this is the Ravens, not the Browns.

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