Redskins Fall to the Cowboys 27-23, Drop to 0-2

After a humiliating 38-16 Monday night loss tot he Pittsburgh Steeler, the Washington Redskins look to recover and even out their record today at FEDEX Field against hated NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys.

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Offensive Keys:  Washington fans are hoping to see a different Kirk Cousins than they saw last week.  Cousins did not have a great game against Pittsburgh and he need to get back and settle into game management like he did last season.  Another critical component will be establishing a ground game.  Washington struggled last week, gaining just 47 yards on 11 carrier from their running backs (Matt Jones and Chris Thompson).   That is simply not good enough.  If Washington can’t establish an effective run game, then you would expect to see more pressure on the offensive line and Cousins.

Defensive Keys:  Washington needs to reestablish effective play from the cornerbacks.  Bashed Breeland had an awful start to the season, getting owned by Antonio Brown.  The secondary play was suppose to be a strength on the Washington defense.  They need to assert themselves early.  Expect Dallas to test Breeland early.  However, no matter how well the corners play, the Romo-less Cowboys will be able to pass on the Redskins if the defensive front fails to apply pressure one rookie QB Dak Prescott.  The pressure was relatively weak last week and the Redskins need to figure out how to get front line pressure.  On Tuesday, the Redskins resigned veteran DE Cullen Jenkins.  He certainly is not a ‘fix’ to their defensive front woes, but he should help out.  Question is, given the fact he was in pre-season just one week, how much can the Redskins truly rely on Jenkins.  We will see.


Here we go.  DL Kedric Golston down on the very first play.  Appears to be a knee injury.  So far early, have to be concerned again by absolutely little quarterback pressure.  Offsides on the Redskins and no quarterback pressure again.  Redskins defense holds Dallas to a field goal inside the five yard line.  Kirk Cousins connects with DeSean Jackson on a huge gain to the Dallas 40.  Cousins misses a wide open Jamison Crowder on third down.  Redskins forced to punt and Tress Way plants the ball inside the five yard line.  This defense is mystifying how they just leave a receiver completely unaccounted for.  Dallas is stopped on a third and short.  Dallas converts.  Just really poor defense for Washington, really have no other words.  Joe Barry’s defense is getting owned by a rookie quarterback.  After a Bashed Breeland pass interference, Dallas scores to jump to a 10-0 lead.  No words for this defense.  None.  Kirk Cousins completes a nice pass down the middle of the field to Jordan Reed.  Redskins also benefit from a defensive holding.

REDSKINS 0  Cowboys 10


REDSKINS SCORE.  Matt Jones runs the ball into the end zone for a 14 yard TD. Jones has 5 carries for 30 yards.  Redskins force the Cowboys to punt.  After the punt, Jamison Crowder gave the Redskins a 21 yard punt return.  Redskins go three and out.  Dallas putting together a long drive and move inside the red zone.  Washington holds Dallas to a field goal with a little over 4 minutes left in the first half.  Redskins convert a 3rd and 7 on a nice throw from Cousins to Reed.  Cousins hits Vernon Davis on a 10 yard first down.  Redskins under 1 minute left on the Dallas 29 yard line.   Redskins convert a 36 yard field goal.

End of the First Half:  REDSKINS 10 Cowboys 13


Redskins moving the ball after the second half kickoff.  Cousins connects with passes to Pierre Garçon and Vernon Davis.   Redskins convert another third down and short with a Cousins pass to Ryan Grant.  Redskisns are in the red zone.  Cousins connects with Jamison Crowder for a Redskins TD!  Stats Check:  Kirk Cousin is 16 for 24 for 195 yards a TD. Dallas driving well not Redskins territory using the ground game.  Breeland getting beat by Dez.  Surprise.  Dan Prescott runs the ball in for a Dallas score. Dallas tries an onside kick and the ball does not more than 10 yards.  Matt Jones picks up a first down on a pick up of 8. Jones starting to run with some authority.   Jones has 55 yards on 10 carries.  Dallas defense holds the Redskins to force a Redskins field goal.  Dustin Hopkins nails a 29 yard field goal and we are all tied up.  FUMBLE!  Redskins recover.  Josh Norman creates the fumble. Cousins connects with Niles Paul for a 16 yard reception and tack on 15 for a roughing the passer.   Cousins tries against for Josh Doctson in the corner, but no can do again.  Redskins fail to convert and Dallas forces another field goal.  Redskins take the lead.  End of the third quarter.

REDSKINS 23 Cowboys 20


Trent Murphy racks up his second sack the game.  Redskins defense comes through again and force Dazlasto punt.  Cousins notches up a huge pass to rookie Josh Docston for a 57 yard reception.  Cousins tosses an interception to end the threat.  Really a poor pass by Cousins.  Dallas is starting to move the ball on the Redskins again.   Referees delivering offense for Dallas. Dallas moves the football inside the Redskins 5 yard line.  Alfred Morris haunts the Redskins with a TD run to give the Cowboys the lead.  Redskins failed to convert on a 4th and 2.  Unbelievable.  Cousins pick was a dagger, but the play calling was awful.  Just awful.   Redskins get the football back, but they have no time outs left.  Cousins is sacked.  Clock runs.  Cousins gets a huge grab by Chris Thompson to mid-field.  Redskins get the first down and spike it.  Illegal snap by the center.  Wow.  They continue to find ways to lose football games.

Final:  REDSKINS 23 Cowboys 27