Redskins v. Giants Game Discussion Thread

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The Battle To Watch:  Of course, it will be CB Josh Norman against WR Odell Beckham.  Will Joe Barry learn from mistakes of the past two weeks and shadow Beckham?  We will see.  Norman has played some of his best football of his career the past two weeks and having him shadow Beckham is really the only smart option.

Player to Watch:  QB Kirk Cousins.  He has to reinstate himself as the leader and effective quarterback.  We have heard the leaks and the disappointment by Gruen and others in the locker room on the supposed ‘leaks’ front he locker room on some plater criticism of Cousins and his early season play.  One things stops all this sideline drama — and that is to WIN.

The Run Game:  What will the Redskins get in the ground this week?  The Redskins are going to have a tough time winning any football games this season without some effective ground game.  They haven’t had much the first two weeks.  Matt Jones has a mere 82 yards on there ground over the first two weeks.  Chris Thompson has 24 yards.  An effective ground game will take unnecessary pressure off Cousins.  What about Robert Kelley?  Could we see some Kelley action this week?

Pass Rush.  Redskins have to get pressure on Eli Manning.  They have to get it off blitzes as well.  Without front line pressure, it could be another long game for the Redskins secondary.