Redskins Turkey Day Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down: Week 12

The Washington Redskins dropped a short week game to the Dallas Cowboys 31-26.  The Redskins were not vastly outplayed.  They out gained the Cowboys in total yards 505-353 and had the time of possession advantage 33:08 to 26:52.  They tied Dallas in first downs 25-25.  The game was far from lopsided, but the Redskins fell short.  With a short week and an unfriendly schedule, the Redskins fought hard, but were let down by their kicking game and their coaching staff.


QB KIRK COUSINS.  Again, the man deserves a long-term deal.  Don’t put this game on him.  Cousins completed an eye-popping 41 passes on 53 attempts for 449 yards and 3 TD passes. Folks, those are winning numbers.  Despite heavier pressure than last week, Cousins delivered.  He stood tall on increased pressure from last week to this week. This loss is not on his back whatsoever.  If anything, he simply verified the need for the Redskins to get a long-term deal done.  He did his part, an effectively so.

DeSean Jackson. Showed up today. Big time. Jackson caught 4 passes for 118 yards including a huge late 67 yard TD pass, which he is paid to complete. He did. Jackson balled it out today.

Honorable Mention:  Jordan Reed.  Reed caught 10 passes for 95 yards and 2 TDs.  He was hurt early, went back to the locker room, and came back, in a gutsy manner, and caught two Tds.  Kudos to him.


Coaching.  Wild cat with Robert Kelley.  Seriously?  The Red Zone woes continued, but that was due to horrific play calling.  For those of you concerned about Sean McVay being a head coaching candidate, don’t be.  An onside kick with 9:56 left to play?  Seriously!  If you were worried about fatigue, it did not happen not on the football field, but on the sideline.  One of the biggest factors in the Redskins loss today is they were simply out coached, sideline to sideline.  In addition, the Redskins threw the football 53 times, but rushed just 18 times.  So much for balance.

Dustin Hopkins.  What the hell is up?  Mr. Guaranteed has become Mr Nervous.  Hopkins missed two field goals.  There is your difference.  Hit those two, you suddenly have a 32-31 lead.  Guarantee a win?  No.  The Redskins defense needs help in the offseason.  Listen, GM Scot McCloughan has created an offensive juggernaut.  But, if he doesn’t give attention to defense this off-season, then I become skeptical, which I am not yet,  We will give Hopkins somewhat of a bye on the 55 harder, but come on, you are in an enclosed stadium.  For a kicker that had no training camp competition, because he didn’t deserve to have any, the Redskins now find themselves in nervous situations in terms of the kicking game.

Dishonorable Mention:  Redskins secondary gets this nod.  The coverage was suspect, at best, which allowed the Cowboys to convert long third down conversions.  They were killer.  Pass rush also doesn’t get a bye here.  The sacked rookie day Prescott one time and Prescott has plenty of time to tee off on the Redskins bad secondary.

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