Redskins Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, Week Five

The Redskins pulled out their third straight win with a 16-10 Beltway win over the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore.  This was a win I did not predict, so lets consider this gravy.  So here are out Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.

Thumbs Up

WR Jamison Crowder:  The little speedster out of Duke is just plain good.  Crowder set the tone early for with an 85 yard punt return for touchdown.  It was the first punt return for a TD for the Redskins since 2008, which was completed by Santana Moss.  Crowder also caught 3 passes for 35 yards.  The only thing perplexing about Crowder is the fact the Redskins do to target passes to him more often.  He has sure hands and great speed and is arguably one the best weapons on the roster.  Kudos to Crowder for the HUGE punt return.  It came at a great time, after the Ravens offense scored easily on the first possession.

Defense:  DEFENSE!  The game did not start out well, with the Ravens moving the ball seamlessly for a first possession score.  BUT, that was it for the Ravens offense, scoring wise.  Fact is, the Redskins defense, after that first possession, bent, but did not break.  The run defense is weak.  We saw that again today.  Terrance West gained 95 yards on 11 carriers for 8.5 yard per carry. That sucks.  Fortunately, it didn’t kill the Redskins this week.  The second half defense was phenomenal, holding Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense at bay.  Adjustments were made by Joe Barry and staff and they were effective.

Thumbs Down

QB Kirk Cousins:  Bare with us here.  Cousins completed 29 of 41 for 260 yards.  The interception he threw was an ill-advised pass.  The Thumbs Down here goes from his long ball.  Sure it was windy.  But, this has been a problem all season.  He just is not on sync with his receivers on long pass plays.  He has been completely inaccurate on deep passes.  He wildly overthrew DeSean Jackson, Vernon Davis, and Pierre Garcon on open down the field passes.  They simply were not catchable. Each one he threw today was significantly overthrown.  That was not the case last season.  Again, it was windy.  But, his passes were far off the mark on the deep ball.  Cousins also had a knack today for holding the football too long.

Running Game:  It was atrocious.  The Redskins ground game gained just 60 yards not he ground.  That is not good.  Jones, going off a 100 yard game, ran for a mere 31 yards and coughed the ball up for a turnover.  He averaged a horrid 2.2 yard per carry.  Some of that blame lies to the offensive line that got very little push up front.  The running game failed the Redskins today, but fortunately, the defense played superb in the second half.



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