Redskins Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down for Week Two

Redskins fans don’t deserve this.  We really don’t.  Favorable schedule gives the Redskins home field for the first two weeks.  The Redskins come out of that 0-2.  Things ing  right dismal.  The play calling by the Gruden staff was poor.  Kirk Cousins has clearly regressed.  Mistakes prevail.  That is your summary.  Talk about a dagger in the heart for Redskins fans.  Cousins throws a big interception inside the red zone only to lead to an Alfred Morris touchdown that proves to be the game winner.  Nothing good to take away from this game for the Redskins fan base.


Josh Norman.  Proves he is a top corner in this game.  The Redskins still failed to use Norman effectively leading to some big reception for Dez Bryant on Bashed Breeland, who clearly has lost all his confidence.  Norman played like you would expect and getting receptions on his was just down right to difficult.  Norman also came up with a big forced fumble.  Overall, Norman was a bright spot.  Norman finished with 4 tackles, 3 pass deflections, and a forced fumble.

Jamison Crowder.  Caught a sweet TD reception.  He had a good day punt returning in which he averaged 15 yards per return.  Late in the fourth quarter, he should have fielded the punt instead of let Dallas down the ball on the ten yard line.  He ended the game with 6 receptions for 39 yards including the 11 yard TD pass reception.


Kirk Cousins.  He clearly has regressed.  The interception in the end zone was a dagger to the heart.  Worse yet, Dallas capitalized with an Alfred Morris TD run that proved to be the game winner.  Cousins missed several open receivers today, overthrowing DeSean Jackson twice, one that would have been six.  If Cousins would have thrown a better ball to the long reception to Josh Doctson, that would have been six as well,  The fact the Redskins were in the red zone three times and walked away with six points is on Cousins.  Cousins’ inaccuracy was a major factor today.  Fact is, GM Scot McCloughan is looking smart for not inking Cousins to a huge money, long term deal.  For Cousins, it looks like a pretty horrible gamble on his part.  Geesh, not like it would have been converted, but just take a look at the Hail Mary.  Cousins throws it out of the end zone.  It was just a laughable attempt as the Redskins fall to 0-2, losing both games at home.

Coaching.  The play calling was horrendous.  How many times did the Redskins attempt a corner end zone pass to Josh Doctson.  None of the throws were that great either.  3rd and 1 late in the game and the Redskins hand the ball to a small running back, despite a decent game from Matt Jones.  Mind boggling.  Then the defensive staff was just completely owned by the Dallas offensive staff early in the game that allowed Dallas to jump to a 10-0 lead.  I don’t think I remember seeing so many receivers for Dallas catch the football with not a single defender in the vicinity.  That is just called poor coaching and preparation.   Sean McVay entered the season as a coach that was seen as a big up comer in the NFL.  My bet is, just like Kirk Cousins, his regression in play calling has hampered his stock as well.  Cousins and McVay are killing each other.

Dishonorable Mention:  Bashaud Breeland has lost all confidence and you can see it with him playing off the receivers.  Kory Litchensteiger proved why Washington sought a new Center.  He stinks.  If you want to pin any blame on GM Scot McCloughan, it has to be his failure to address the defensive line and center during the offseason.  They were two big gaping holes and are strangling this team.  The Litchensteiger penalty with 18 seconds left was a huge mental mistake by a veteran.  Just awful and he should be benched for it.  Will he?  Doubtful.  Jay Gruen hasn’t proven he will make necessary changes or adjustments.  Penalties also helped strangle the Redskins late.  That lack of discipline, which directly relates to coaching and preparation.