Redskins Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down against the Lions

Well, the Washington Redskins for game winning streak was snapped today, losing to the Detroit Lions 20-17 int he final 1:09 of the game.  But, let’s face it, it was bound to happen.  The Redskins played poorly, the play calling sucked, the ball was turned over, and execution was even worse.   Here are our Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.

Thumbs Up

Chris Thompson.  Kid was the Redskins offense today.  Thompson ran the ball 12 times for 73 yards, averaging 6. yard per carry.  He also caught 7 passes for 40 yards.  Thompson picked up huge first downs all game long to sustain Redskins’ drives.  Thompson was the only running back that created any kind of offense.

Jamison Crowder.  Crowder caught 7 passes for 108 yards.  He was the most effective receiver not he field and likely Washington’s best offensive player not he roster.  Crowder did drop a key pass in the second half, but overall, the kid came up with some really big catches,

Thumbs Down

Matt Jones.  Three fumbles.  Three fumbles.  Three fumbles.  Sure, one can be attributed to Kirk Cousins, who apparently was stepped on by center Spencer Long.  But, that fumble on the two yard line was absolutely devastating.  That was a for sure scoring drive for the Redskins, wiped out by not holding on to the football.  Many fans were wondering if the 136 yard performance by Jones last week was the game that he secured the feature back role.  Today, that question was answered again, and it is a resounding NO.  He simply has a fumbling problem and despite working throughout the off-season on ball security issues, those same issues came back to haunt the Redskins today.  Folks, it is simply too difficult to win football games in the NFL when coughing the ball up three times, two of which were recovered by the Lions.   For all the positives that Jones has, the ball security issues reign supreme.  What is mystifying to me is that Robert Kelley, who has shown tremendous promise, was pretty much an afterthought for this coaching staff.  It is mind-boggling to me.  In post game comments, Jay Gruen said the ball security issues were addressed with Jones in the off-season and can’t continue to be addressed.  Doesn’t bide well for Matt Jones.

Play Calling.  It was atrocious.  Where was Robert Kelley?  Where was the deep ball?  I gave a ton of credit last week to the coaching staff, but damn, they simply regressed this week.  DeSean Jackson didn’t really get any targeted passes in  the first half, OK, maybe one.  Despite ball security issues, Robert Kelley was handed the ball just for times.  I simply can’t understand the inconsistencies of this coaching staff.  There were no deep targets today to Jackson.  That in of itself is mind blowing.

Dishonorable Mention:  Dustin Hopkins has been solid all season.  Phenomenal actually.  Not today.  That field goal miss came back to haunt this team.  The late pass defense was atrocious.  Just atrocious.

Of note.  Injuries are starting to pile up and they are coming to critical players.  At the very end of the game, OT Trent Williams is injured.  Josh Norman went out early in the fourth quarter to injury.  Jordan Reed is already out.  Folks, it is getting down right ugly in DC.   Trent Williams will have an MRI on his sprained knee tomorrow.  That will be a tell tale sign of the rest of this season,  His  potential loss would be an Achilles heel to this team this season.