Redskins Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down (Week One Edition)

Well, that was a pretty nasty start to the 2016 NFL season for the Washington Redskins.  The reigning NFC East Division Champions, looked more like the Redskins of the past.  The running game was atrocious and the defense was pathetic.  What that equaled was a 22 point loss (38-16) on Week One, IN WASHINGTON!  Hey, it is only week one, there are fifteen games left, but getting blown out in your own home the opening week is deflating and degrading.

Moving on to the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.

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WR DeSean Jackson.  Isn’t it ironic that the player with the least organized and managed off-season conditioning is the one player that showed up, performed as expected, and did his job.  Jackson had an excellent pre-season and camp and he carried it into the start of the season.  Jackson caught 6 passes for 102 yards.  He was targeted 10 times by QB Kirk Cousins.  His longest play came int he second quarter, a 33 yard reception.

Losing by 22 points at home on Monday night NFL opening week is humiliating.  Therefore, no second Thumbs Up will be awarded.  None deserved.


CB Bashad Breeland.  He felt slighted by the Redskins in the off-season when the Redskins acquired CB Josh Norman from Carolina.  He let his disappointment be known.  He felt he earned the role of being the number one corner on the team.  He could not have been further from the truth.  Breeland had an awful game.  Just awful.  Breeland was humbled by the league’s top receive, Antonio Borwn.  Brown caught 8 passes for 126 yards and 2 TDs.  Both TDs came off of Breeland coverage.  Besides getting crushed by the NFL’s top receiver, Breeland had a tough night tackling at times as well, perhaps because of the way the Steeler passing game was unraveling the secondary.  Part of the blame here lies with Redskins HC Jay Gruden.  The Redskins kept Josh Norman ion one side of the field.  Norman did not cover Brown all that much.  What sense does that make?  Norman is a $75 million corner who some believe is in the top three in the NFL.  So why was he not covering the top receiver in the NFL?   Regardless, Breeland remains upbeat.

U be a dam fool to think Ima give up pump ya breaks it’s corner u win some u lose some hats off to @AntonioBrown84 until we meet again  CB Bashaud Breeland

Defensive Line.  GM Scot McCloughan is only in his second year of a complete team rebuild.  It was a big chore given the mess of a franchise Washington was when he took over the front office.  Questions lingered in the off-season though on why GMSM failed to address the defensive line.  He let go two veterans, Stephen Paea and Cullen Jenkins (who signed for one week), but did little to fortify what most thought would be the weak part of the Redskins defense.  And they are.  The Redskins defensive front got to Ben Roethlisberger just once and DeAngelo Williams thrashed the Redskins front for 143 yards rushing, 2 TDs, and a 5.5 yards per carry average.  The Steeler offensive line simply dominated the line of scrimmage.  The way it looked last night, spending $75 million on Josh Norman was a complete waste of money if the front line can’t apply pass pressure.  Surprisingly, the Redskins struggles last season on the defensive line, but made no effort to improve the defensive line at all.  That is what is truly amazing.  In just the opening week, it became painfully obvious where the Achilles heel lies on the Washington defense.

We could a lot more here, the Redskins offensive line, the run game, and on and on, but whats the point.  The Redskins were awful last night and were humiliated on national television in their own stadium.  There really isn’t much more to say than that.  They must move on and put up a big win next week against arch rival Dallas.  It’s that simple.



  • one more i’d like to give out . . . a BIG HUGE THUMBS DOWN for the pre-season that Gruden ran . . . i think the whole team looked very rusty and i blame that 100% on Gruden . . . granted this was the first game, but the majority of the offense starters barely played in the pre-season which is just for that, to help get timing, rhythm, etc. down . . . their lack of playing time in the pre-season showed up big time last night . . . remember the old saying, “You play how you practice” and then think about how big of a joke they made the pre-season be for the starters . . . i think they were over confident during the off-season and so hopefully this game is a god damn wake up call!!

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