Redskins Smoke Signals news clips for Wednesday 3/15

Of course, with all the dysfunction that is occurring at Redskins Park and has been occurring for nearly two decades, we are brought the news that billionaire businessman Warren Buffet almost purchased the Redskins when Jack Kente Cook died. Why, oh why Warren!  Why did you pass on bidding?  You could have saved this franchise from eighteen years of embarrassment and humiliation from the ownership of Dan Snyder, who has used the team more as a fantasy type business rather than reality based business.  You Sir, also understand the benefits and success that comes from satisfying your clientele, you know, the fans, in which Mr. Snyder has yet to learn that, after eighteen years.  Why, oh why Warren?

Following the path of fired GM Scot McCloughan, the Redskins have been frugal and practical in free agency, not offering mind-blowing and market setting free agency contracts like yester-years.  Riggos Rag grades the Redskins free agency.

Here are the three biggest needs still on the Redskins roster.  We agree.  Inside Linebacker and Nose  Tackle are huge needs.  I would not mind seeing the Redskins further address wide receiver with a bit more depth.  With free agency signings that have been completed, has the Redskins draft strategy changed?  Could Inside Linebacker now be the first round consideration?  Here is a post free agency Redskins mock draft from FanRag.  One thing that has been reported, given the ongoing Cousins saga, is the Redskins did interview quarterbacks at the NFL Combine.

One of the free agency signings, DL Stacy McGee is hoping to build more history in the nation’s capital.    If you think the Redskins should not be done addressing the defensive line, Donatri Poe and Johnathan Hankins remain free agents.

As the Kirk Cousins saga continues, yesterday we heard word from Cousins himself that he never demanded a trade, but simply inquired as to the direction the franchise was headed, with regards to him personally.  More from  Only Bruce Allen and Kirk Cousins and his agent know truly what is the stats and future.  The rest of what you hear is filled with hot air released by either side to gain additional leverage. Let’s face it, both sides are living in the spin room right now.  Unfortunately, the fans are the one that suffer.

With reference to the Cousins’ saga, rumors leaked yesterday that the Cleveland Browns were interested in exploring trade options for Cousins.  Then reports circulated that Cleveland wasn’t interested.  However, the Redskins have trade options outside San Francisco, such as the New York Jets and potentially the Denver Broncos.

Not only was Terrelle Pryor working out in the snow yesterday in Ashburn, but he is looking forward to practicing opposite Josh Norman.  No doubt, the two colliding in practice will benefit both players’ games.

The Redskins may draft another running back.  They may chose to go with Robert Kelley.  They may also give Matt Jones another opportunity as well.

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