Redskins Roundup: Oh, What Might Have Been

Dan Snyder is paying a rogues gallery of sleaze merchants to help him keep the Redskins team name.

John Schneider, the General Manager of the Super Bowl-champion Seattle Seahawks used to be in charge of the Redskins personnel department. Dan Snyder thought it would be smarter to fire him and replace him with Vinny Cerrato.

John Keim points out what the Redskins can learn from the Seahawks, including this:

Talent matters when it comes to compiling a defense, but Seattle is proof of how you can get the most out of that talent, especially defensively. They did it without a lot of first-round picks; they did it without spending a lot of money. …

The Seahawks’ starting defense includes two former first-round picks (safety Earl Thomas, 2010; linebacker Bruce Irvin, 2012). That’s it. The Redskins last season had five former first-round picks. But three of them were drafted by other teams. Way of life here. So the Seahawks have more picks in Rounds 4-7 (six) among their defensive starters than players selected in Rounds 1-3 (four). They also had a former undrafted free agent in Chris Clemons.

Rich Tandler adds five things the Redskins can learn from the Super Bowl.

As you might imagine, the Redskins are considered long shots to win the next Super Bowl.

Nationals All Star shortstop Ian Desmond invited Redskins free agent CB DeAngelo Hall to take batting practice.

Speaking of Hall, he and the Redskins have begun negotiations toward a new contract. That begs the question: how much is Hall worth to the Redskins?

In news that will shock absolutely no one, backup QB Kirk Cousins would like to be traded. I don’t see it happening any time soon, though.

NFL waiver is now open and the Redskins have second priority, thanks to their dismal 3-13 record.