Redskins Off-Season now begins

After a mind-boggling loss to the New York Giants loss yesterday, the Washington Redskins off-season is now underway.  In a season that was defined by a high-powered offense and a poor defense, the Redskins loss to the Giants was the opposite, defined by a weak offensive performance and solid defensive play.  The Redskins success this season as built upon a high-powered passing offense, but that passing offense failed to show up yesterday, hence, an early booking for golf tee off times.

The Redskins now look forward to the NFL Draft.  We will have NFL Draft coverage and you can follow our Draft coverage here.  That is not it though.  We also boast the Internet’s original NFL Mock Draft Database, now in year 15, right here.  Currently, we have 114 NFL mock drafts listed and the Database is updated several times per week.  You can see, we have a Washington Redskins column so you can follow the mock draft projections for the Redskins.  The Redskins NFL draft slot is set and the Redskins hold the 17th overall pick in the NFL Draft.

We have also added a page where you can track roster changes throughout the off-season.  Currently, the Redskins have just shy of $63 million in available salary cap space.  GM Scot McCloughan has a tall task ahead, in signing QB Kirk Cousins and one of either WR DeSean Jackson or WR Pierre Garcon.  Word out of Ashburn is the Redskins will not sign both because of the drafting of first rounder Josh Doctson last season.  Dotson was of course lost this season with lingering Achilles issues.  he is fully expected to be healthy and ready for the 2017 season.   The other tall order for McCloughan will be rebuilding an obvious ill-equipped defense.  They will have plenty of cap space to do that.  McCloughan is known to build quality NFL rosters through the NFL Draft, however, there are too many needs on defense to solely rely on the NFL Draft.  With he salary cap space available, it should be quite an interesting off-season.  You can expect excellent NFL Draft coverage from our Draft guru Tom Blaz.

Also on tap this off-season to watch is the makeup of the Redskins coaching staff. We fully expected head coach Jay Gruden to return.  However, there may be other coaching changes to come.  The Redskins young offensive coordinator Sean McVay may be one of those changes, as he is set to interview with the Los Angeles Rams for their head coaching vacancy.  If McVay departs, the Redskins could look internally to offensive lien coach Bill Callahan to be the new offensive coordinator.  A bigger question revolves around the defensive staff and whether defensive coordinator Joe Barry survives.  Despite an abidance of poor taken, Barry did nothing this season to provide any confidence that he can lift this defense to a new level.  The Joe Barry watch is officially on.

We will be undergoing a review of every single play and then an overall position review.  Watch for these articles throughout the off-season.

Another high for us this season has been the development of our Facebook Redskins community.  It is less than a year old and we have grown the community to 179 members.  We invite you to join our community and the Redskins discussion.  You can link to our community right here.  Finally, you may remember this from our old Redskins site we had, the now defunct, but we plan to bring back the Best Ever Redskins series, where you, our readers, can vote in position polls this off-season for the Best Ever Washington Redskins players at every position.  Lots of good stuff going to happen, but obviously, we didn’t want to start the off-season coverage this soon.

All eyes now turn to General Manager Scot McCloughan.  It’s his turn.



  • going to be an interesting offseason, we have a lot to fix on defense but as the giants showed you can make big strides with the right free agents. on offense, we will bring Kirk back, for no other reason..who else. I say we bring Garcon back, as speed slows with age much quicker than toughness. Need to figure out RB situation, love the pass game but we need to get a freaking running game that is consistent… which was my biggest concern with Gruden when he was at cincy. Defense is gonna need a complete make over, Cravens norman, Kerrigan…. no one else is starter safe to me…..

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