Redskins Joe Jacoby misses the Hall again

Redskins Joe Jacoby missed the Hall of Fame again.  One simple word explains it all.


OT Joe Jacoby anchored one of the most storied offensive lines in NFL history.  The Hogs were one of the most critical components of a Washington Redskins team that won three Super Bowls in a ten-year period.  Arguably, Jacoby was the anchor of that great offensive line.  It was his 19th year of eligibility and he was among 15 finalists for the coveted Hall of Fame.  He fell short.  He waits another year.

Jacoby spent his entire career with the Redskins.  Throughout those 13 season with the Redskins, Jacoby was named tot he Pro Bowl four times.  During that time period, Jacoby played every position among the offensive line except Center.

However, he is best known for playing left tackle, protecting the blind side of his quarterbacks, against some of the best pass rushers in the game.  Additionally, Jacoby anchored the left side of the offensive line along with another great, Russ Grimm.  Combined, those two lineman helped create the big success of head coach Joe Gibb’s famous counter trey rushing offense.   During Jacoby’s tenure, the Redskins offense amassed a whopping 69,031 yards, which ranks the fourth-most in the NFL during that span.  Despite his massive 6’7″ frame, Jacoby was one of the most effective run blockers of his time.  Many of the famous burst runs by Redskins Hall of Famer John Riggins were sprang by Jacoby and Grimm.  His fellow colleague on the left side, Russ Grimm, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010.  Several players that played on those teams indicated that Jacoby was even the better lineman of the two.  Yet, the Hall still eludes one of the greatest Redskins of the Super Bowl Era.

Despite three Superbowl wins, despite the Redskins over the long-term being one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, they will only have four players in the NFL Hall Of Fame.  Those are:   Grimm, Art Monk, Darrell Green, and John Riggins.  In addition, Joe Gibbs, the greatest coach in franchise history, is in the Hall.  Yet, one of the most critical players on those Super Bowl teams waits again.

It is just disrespect.

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