Redskins Jay Gruden extension reaction around the Web

The Washington Redskins extended head coach Jay Gruden’s contract for two additional years after a let night dinner between Redskins President Bruce Allen and Gruden.  Here is reaction from around the web.

Reaction from Our site here at LetsGoRedskins.

In addition to adding stability during a tumultuous offseason that has seen constant rumors about GM Scot McCloughan’s continued role with the team, keeping Gruden around solidifies an offense which has lost coordinator Sean McVay to the LA Rams and is likely to lose starting wideouts Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson.

From Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

But by extending Gruden as he enters Year 4 of a five-year deal, Redskins brass seems determined to answer all questions about stability and direction. Gruden gets his extension roughly a year earlier than is usually the case. Traditionally, teams let a coach enter the next-to-last year of his contract, evaluate his body of work and either late in that season, or just after the season, either extend him (if the team does well) or fire him (if his squad does poorly).

Meanwhile, the move served as cause for encouragement to those within the Redskins’ organization. Members of Gruden’s coaching staff were happy to see their boss receive increased long-term stability, and the move also set their own minds at ease to a degree, although every NFL coach knows that nothing — even contract extensions — are a sure thing.

Regardless of the intentions of Allen (and owner Dan Snyder) in regards to the timing of the extension, it should indeed be viewed as a positive.

From John Keim of ESPN.

If you’re Gruden, this makes sense and was needed. He has two new coordinators, might only have his starting quarterback for one more season, might lose his top two receivers and might lose his general manager. That’s not the way to enter the fourth year of a five-year deal. His agent, Bob Lamonte, is one of the savviest around. It’s why Gruden received a fully-guaranteed contract in the first place, knowing what a tough place this has been for coaches. Getting him two more years in this situation was a must.

But from the get-go, it’s been clear that Gruden’s main passion is just coaching. It helps him stay above any situations that appear messy, allowing him to move forward with what he must do. Maybe after the Redskins have more success he’ll become more centered on gaining power. But he’s also not a power-hungry coach. Perhaps having to do everything for years in the Arena League — as coach, GM and everything in between — made him realize all he wanted was to coach. Power comes with winning, so maybe that will change in the future. Certainly it will provide him more clout and say — why wouldn’t he use it?

From JP Finlay of CSN Washington.

Few coaches blend the right mix of humor and criticism that Gruden works through in almost every press conference. He backs his players up when they need it, but will point out mistakes and make changes when he sees fit. Last season, Gruden defended team captain and leader Trent Williams when he was suspended by the NFL, which players appreciated, yet benched RB1 Matt Jones when his play called for it. Speaking on CSN’s #RedskinsTalk Podcast, tight end Vernon Davis said of Gruden, “Jay Gruden is probably one of my favorite coaches, all-time. And I say that because of his personality, his enthusiasm, his approach to the game. He’s just a terrific coach. Everyone respects him, they look to him as a leader. He’s just everything you could possibly want in a coach. I love him, I love him, and that’s one of the other reasons that I wouldn’t mind staying here. He allows the players to play really, really loose, and you want that in a coach.”

From our friends at Walter Football.

It’s about time the Redskins have had some stability. Under Daniel Snyder’s watch, the team has gone through countless coaches. Eight, in fact, since 1999. No coach had been with the Redskins for more than four seasons under Snyder, but it appears as though that won’t be the case anymore, as Jay Gruden, entering his fourth year in Washington, has been extended though 2020. ‘m giving this an A-. There’s still a slight chance that Gruden isn’t the answer, which is why this isn’t a full “A,” but letting Gruden go and hiring someone else would just keep the Redskins encircling their coaching loop of ineptitude.

From FanRag Sports.

On the surface, that’s a welcome sign of stability for the Redskins but as a natural contrarian, I can’t help but feel that this was a distraction technique in an effort to take the eye away from what’s going on with general manager Scot McCloughan. . . . So, Gruden is deserving of a second deal, but the real question may be why he wants it to be with this organization?

From Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk.

The coaching situation for 2017 and beyond will be Jay Gruden in charge. How far beyond 2017 doesn’t really matter; as blood-alcohol concentrations rose on Saturday night, the team turned a garden hose on a brush fire by shaking hands on a new contract that ultimately may be worth not much more than the paper it currently isn’t written on.

From Brian McNally of CBS Sports.

Gruden’s extension gives a veneer of stability to a team facing a host of key decisions upcoming, including tricky contract negotiations with quarterback Kirk Cousins and his agent Mike McCartney. Now, Cousins knows who his coach will be if he chooses to stay long term. Whether that makes the difference in the contract talks remains to be seen, but it was critical for Washington to have an answer for him and McCartney.

That played a role in the suddenness of the extension. A league source had previously told 106.7 The Fan that an extension for Gruden wasn’t imminent, though it could happen later in the spring. That was clearly fast-tracked.

Here is some additional reaction from around the Redskins blogosphere.

From our friends at Riggos Rag.

That factor of stability cannot be ignored. The team needed a man to be in charge, especially with the uncertain nature of the status of both McCloughan and Cousins. Gruden will provide the team with that, and he really has proven to be a satisfactory head coach.

From our friends at Hogs Haven.

I haven’t been alone in calling for the team to extend Jay Gruden. It makes a ton of sense at this exact moment of the rebuild. This roster can absolutely take a huge step forward with the resources at Washington’s disposal, but achieving stability at the head coaching spot can’t be overstated.

From our friends at DC Hot Read

Jay Gruden deserves this and while it might be a little later in the process than some would have liked, it is finally done and some level of stability has been restored to the franchise. This move publicly restores some stability and leadership to the Redskins. On the field, off of the field and more importantly, to the disgruntled customer base and of course (lastly) to the media.

From our friends at Burgundy Blog

Gruden ext’n. No-brainer and long overdue, whether you love him or not. Only risk is Snyder’s money.

From our friends at Redskins Capital Connection.

Obviously, only time will tell the answer to most of these questions. On the whole, this is positive news for an organization bereft of the perception of stability, and the immediate impacts should outweigh and potential negatives. If nothing else, it moves owner Dan Snyder into new territory; the first Head Coach in his tenure to be extended.

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