Redskins cut Kendall Reyes

The Washington Redskins have released DE Kendall Reyes, after the 2016 free agent acquisition played only two games and seven months with the team.

Reyes, a 2nd round pick in 2012 by the San Diego Chargers, missed two of four games this year with a groin injury and made little impact in the games where he did see action.

Signed to a one-year deal worth up to $2.5 million ($1 million guaranteed), Reyes was supposed to be part of an effective defensive line rotation for the Skins this year. However, Washington’s defensive line has been poor again and is now ranked 31st against the run in terms of  yards per carry.

Reyes isn’t entirely to blame for these problems — the defense has been bad when he’s been injured — he is, apparently, the first to take the fall for it.


  • Another stellar FA signing Thomas Threlkeld

  • It’s pretty clear that McCloughan’s plan at safety and the D-line has been that he won’t reach for draft picks and he won’t overspend in free agency the way the Giants did. So if the draft doesn’t fall right for him, he signs a bunch of castoffs and hopes one or two pan out. It’s a frustrating way to do things for a lot of fans, but I don’t really blame him for it. I hate over-drafting for need and I hate over-spending for need. It’s what Dan Snyder does. My view is that the Skins roster was terrible when McCloughan took over and it is going to take years. At least these bad free agency signings are cheap ones. I’d rather have the Reyes signing than the Adam Archuleta signing, if you take my meaning.

  • Leonard Williams didn’t fall right?

  • We agree that this is a process, not many understand this

  • He just didn’t like Leonard enough to not take Scherff. Both look like good players. I’d rather have a good D-lineman than a good O-lineman, but that might not be how McCloughan looks at it. Or he thought Scherff would pay off in ways Williams did not. But let’s be clear: Leonard Williams won’t not solve Washington’s problems on defense or even just the defensive line. Williams has a lot of talented teammates on the Jets. He’d have almost none in Washington.

  • I would have taken Leonard Williams, but I can’t kill McCloughan over it because I think I understand what he was trying to do.

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