Redskins Best Ever Defensive End Poll Series: Vote now!

The Redskins Best Ever Defensive End is next up in our Redskins Best Ever poll series. The polls will run for one week. You can vote on our Main Page poll and in our Redskins Community. In addition, we have limited the choices to four players so we can include our Twitter followers via a Twitter poll. So far, we have completed Safety and Inside Linebacker. To see those results, you can go to our Best Ever Series Page.  We have just two positions left on Defense.

Here are the nominees for Best Ever Redskins DEFENSIVE END.

GENE BRITO: Brito played for the Washington Redskins from 1951 to 1953 and again from 1955 to 1958.   He was selected to five Pro Bowls over seven seasons, including 4 consecutive Pro Bowls between 1955-1958.  He was named to the Redskins 70 Greatest Players list in 2002.

RON MCDOLE:  McDole, known as the Dancing Bear, had an NFL career that spanned from 1961 to 1978.  He played eight seasons in Buffalo and eight season in Washington.  He was acquired via trade with Buffalo in 1971 by George Allen.  During his 240 game career, McDole intercepted 12 passes, including 6 while a Redskin, for 115 yards and a TD.   He recovered 14 fumbles and racked up 3 safeties.  He was named to two Pro Bowls.

DEXTER MANLEY: Manley was one of the most feared pass rushers of the 1980s.  He played for the Redskins from 1981 to 1989.  During his career, he played in 143 games and recorded 97.5 sacks.  91 of those sacks were with the Redskins.  Those 91 sacks are the franchise  record.  He also recorded 2 interceptions and 6 fumble recoveries.  Manley went to one Pro Bowl and is a two-time Super Bowl Champ.  He was inducted into the Redskins Ring of Fame.

CHARLES MANN:  Mann tagged up on the opposite side of Dexter Manley to form on of the best pass rushing duos in NFL history.  Mann’s career spanned from 1983 to 1994.  During that period, he played in 177 games and recoded 83 sacks, 446 tackles, 7 fumble recoveries, and a safety.  He went to the Pro Bowl four times and was a three-time Super Bowl Champ.

You can vote for your choice right here on the main page in our poll. You can also enter into the discussion right here in our Redskins community. We welcome your dialogue.


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