Redskins average rank is 8.96 in 29 NFL Power Polls

Our Redskins Power Poll table has been updated.  You can link over to 29 different NFL Power Rankings all in one spot, right here.

Of all the Power Polls, the best Redskins ranking comes from Walter Football, who has the Redskins ranked 5th overall.  The worst ranking comes from Pro Football Weekly, who has the Redskins ranked 12th.  When we average the 29 NFL Power Rankings together, the Redskins have an average rank of 8.96, which is a +1.52 from last week’s average.

The Redskins have steadily been improving in the power rankings after an impressive 42-24 win over the Green Bay Packers on prime time television on Sunday night.  Since starting the season 0-2, the Redskins are an impressive 6-1-1.  Finally, in most power rankings, the Redskins are getting respect.

Here are some of the comments.

From Walter Football

It’d be great if we could see an excellent game between the Cowboys and the Redskins, but unfortunately, Washington seems to be at a competitive disadvantage because of the scheduling. For some reason, the NFL thought it would be a good idea for the Redskins to play on a Sunday night and then travel to kick off an afternoon game just four days later.

It’s OK Walter.  It’s Dallas.  We go this.

Press Box Online

Like it or not, the Redskins may be the sexiest of all of the teams right now. You can’t possibly disagree the baked mac and cheese casserole is the sexiest on the menu, can you?

Why wouldn’t we like it?

With the First Pick

In the fourth quarter, Jay Gruden had his team go for it on fourth down which led to a touchdown, putting the Redskins up two scores. This led to their victory because it made it impossible for Aaron Rodgers to make a comeback.

That fourth down call was so pivotal and not talked about nearly enough.


The Redskins whipped the Packers in front of a national audience. Washington is 6-1-1 since starting 0-2 and looks like a tough out in the postseason.


New York Post

Washington is above .500 despite having 11 players on injured reserve and two players under NFL suspension (one of them All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams).



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