Ranking the Redskins Offense: Through 11 Games

Below is a ranking of important categories of offense and where the Washington Redskins or Kirk Cousins rank in each of them.

Redskins Yards per game 426.4/game 2
Redskins Yards per play 6.5 2
Redskins Rush yards per game 111.5 11
Redskins Rush yards/attempt 4.5 7
Redskins Rush play percent 37.83 22
Redskins Rush yards percent 26.16 28
Redskins Pass yards per game 314.8 2
Redskins Pass yards/attempt 7.9 4
Redskins Pass plays percent 62.17 11
Redskins Pass yards percent 73.84 5
Redskins 1st downs/game 23.2 3
Redskins 1st downs/play 0.351 4
Redskins 3rd down conv 47.92 3
Redskins Red zone TD percent 43.48 29
Redskins Punts/off. score 0.5 2
Redskins Points per game 25.5 9
Redskins Scoring margin +1.5 17
Redskins Yards per point 16.8 23
K. Cousins Completions 299 2
K. Cousins Passing yards 3540 2
K. Cousins Complete % 68.4 5
K. Cousins Yards per pass 8.1 4
K. Cousins Net yards/pass 7.6 4
K. Cousins Passer rating 101.4 6
K. Cousins QBR 74.5 5
K. Cousins TD passes 20 9T
K. Cousins Plays 20+ yards 47 3
K. Cousins Plays 40+ yards 8 6T

As you can see, Washington is a pass-heavy offense that is extremely effective and gaining yards, both through long and sustained drives and in getting big chunks of yards quickly. Washington is less effective at scoring, however, a problem which has lasted the entire season and which has earned much discussion.

Although Washington does not run that often, it usually runs with good success. It is possible Washington should run more often, though the success of the passing game probably has great influence over the play-calling.

The key to the success of Washington’s offense appears to be the effectiveness and efficiency of its quarterback, Kirk Cousins, who is in the top five or six in virtually every important statistical category, apart from touchdown passes, where he still ranks in the top ten of the NFL.

The picture that emerges from these numbers is of an extremely prolific offense that, if it improved its efficiency in the red zone, would probably be the best in the NFL.


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