Ranking the Redskins Defense Through 11 Games

Below is a ranking of important categories of defense and where the Washington Redskins or their players rank in each of them.

Redskins Yards per game 369.6 25
Redskins Yards per play 5.9 26
Redskins Rush yards per game 116.7 25
Redskins Rush yards/attempt 4.7 31
Redskins Pass yards per game 252.9 16
Redskins Pass yards/attempt 7.1 22
Redskins Opposing pass rating 93.8 19
Redskins Sack percentage 6.65 8
Redskins 1st downs/game 22.7 29
Redskins 3rd down conv 46.21 29
Redskins Red zone TD percent 67.57 30
Redskins Punts/off. score 0.9 25
Redskins Points per game 24.0 18
Redskins Scoring margin +1.5 17
Redskins Yards per point 16.8 23
W. Compton Tackles 88 17
R. Kerrigan Sacks 9 6T
R. Kerrigan Tackles for Loss 13 3
J. Norman Passes defensed 11 11

As you can see, Washington’s defense is bad or terrible in most categories, average in a few others and good in only one, sacks. The red zone category is particularly instructive, as it demonstrates, in conjunction with offensive futility in the red zone, that Washington’s failures as a team this season mostly occur between the 20 yard line and the end zone. The Redskins are a very poor defensive team generally, but even worse than usual in the red zone. This provides a clear picture of what the Redskins need to improve over the next five (or more) games and into 2017.

Among the individual players, only Ryan Kerrigan and Josh Norman stand out as substantial statistical achievers this season.


  • Here is the weekly defensive rankings companion article to the offensive rankings article. Shows pretty clearly that the Skins are a bad defensive team, but in one area they are especially bad and it explains much about the team’s struggles this season.

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