NFL Mock Draft Database: Garrett overwhelming top choice in NFL Draft

The NFL Mock Draft Database consensus picks have been updated for the top six picks and the Washington Redskins.   With free agency just underway, we limited the NFL mock draft munch to 36NFL mock drafts updated between March 9 and March 12.   Consistent with prior Mock Draft Database mock munches, DE Myles Garrett is the overwhelming consensus pick as the top overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns.  In fact, 97% or 35 of the 36 updated mock drafts project Garrett as the top pick.  That is perry overwhelming, given all but one, chose Garrett as the #1 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The NFL Mock Draft Database is updated multiple times per week. This is the 15th NFL Draft that the Mock Draft Database has tracked mock drafts. The Database is made up of a wide variety of mock drafts, from national media sites, to media general sites, to individual team fan sites, to NFL Draft sites and to personal blogs.

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Here is how the Top Six picks in the NFL Draft look, according to the various NFL mock drafts.

DE Myles Garrett is consensus top pick

1st Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns

Projected Pick: DE Myles Garrett

Projection: 97% of 36 recent mock drafts

NFL Mock Drafts are pretty convinced that Myles Garrett will be the top pick in the NFL Draft tot he Cleveland Browns.  All but one of the 36 mock drafts chose Garrett as the top pick.   Garrett is the consensus top defensive lineman in the NFL Draft.  His performance at the NFL Combine has done absolutely nothing to shake that confidence.  He ran a quite impressive 4.64 40 at the Combine.  Additionally, he recorded an impressive, unofficial 41-inch vertical, which tops all defensive lineman over the past decade.  Garrett is entering the NFL Draft as a Junior out of Texas A & M where he recorded 32.5 sacks.

2nd Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Projected Pick: DE Jonathan Allen

Projection: 28% of 36 recent mock drafts

Allen is and has been the top choice to go to the 49ers as the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.  However, the selection here is much more scattered than previous NFL Mock Draft Database consensus articles.  Lately, DE Soloman Thomas is being projected by more and more mock drafts here.  He is the second highest projected pick, with 7 of the 36 mock projecting him here.  Another popular pick is QB Mitchell Trubisky (5 mocks).

3rd Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

Projected Pick: TIE between DE Johnathan Allen and QB Mitchell Trubisky

Projection: 25% of 36 recent mock drafts

DE Jonathan Allen and QB Mitchell Trubisky are tied as popular choices to the Chicago Bears. Each garner 9 mock projections. Overall, 12 mock drafts project the Bears to select a Quarterback (DeShaun Watson, 3 mocks).  CB Marshon Lattimore is another top projection here with 5 mock drafts.

4th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Pick: RB Leonard Fournette

Projection: 41% of the 36 mock drafts

RB Leonard Fournette is quickly becoming a popular pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He garners 41% or 15 of the 36 mock drafts.  Other popular picks here are:  DE Soloman Thomas (7 mocks), S Malik Hooker (5 mocks), and S Jamal Adams (5 mocks)

5th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans

Projected Pick: S Jamal Adams

Projection: 33% of 36 recent mock drafts

Safet Jamal Adams remains the popular choice here, leading with 33% of mocks projecting him to the Titans.  Other popular choices are:  CB Marshon Lattimore (7 mocks) and WR Michael Williams (5 mocks).

6th Overall Pick: New York Jets

Projected Pick: RB Leonard Fournette

Projection: 22% of 36 recent mock drafts

RB Leonard Fournette remains the top pick here to the NY Jets.  Obviously, that will depend on slots above, like all of these.  The jest pick is pretty scattered between a few players. Other popular choices include CB Marshon Lattimore (6 mocks), S Malik Hooker (6 mocks), QB Mitchell Trubisky (4 mocks), and QB DaShaun Watson (4 mocks).

Now, on to the Washington Redskins

For all our consensus articles, Defensive Line was the popular choice for the Washington Redskins.

It was a brutal publicity week for the Redskins, but not a bad week for them free agency wise.  They did end up franchise tagging QB Kirk Cousins.  I still believe the Redskins will pull off a trade of Cousins.  Obviously, a trade of Cousins could alter the NFL Draft outlook for the team.

What impact will the firing of GM Scot McCloughan have not their draft strategy?  Who knows.  However, given the free agency signings of DL Stacy McGee and DL Terrell McClain, Defensive Line still leads, but is dropping.  Instead, Wide Receiver is becoming a popular choice.  The Redskins, as expected, lost DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon to free agency. There were strong indications that the Redskins wanted to get younger and taller.  They did that by signing WR Terrell Pryor.  2016 first round pick Josh Doctson could be a significant addition to the offense if he can stay healthy.  It gives Washington’s offense significant size advantages.

I must admit, with the signing listed above and the addition of S D.J. Swearing, I am intrigued at the possibility that Washington may look to use the 17th pick for a running back.  Only 3 mock drafts right now project the Redskins to take a running back in the first round.

The selections are so scattered. Here is the position breakdown:

Defensive Line:  10 mocks

Wide Receiver:  9 mocks

Linebacker:  8 mocks

Running Back:  3 mocks

Safety:  3 mocks

Quarterback:  2 mocks

The Redskins draft projections are scattered more than ever now because of free agency.  DL Malik McDowell is the top projected defensive lineman with just 5 mock drafts and WR John Ross is becoming a popular pick to the Redskins (5 mocks).


  • O-Cook, Williams, Corey Davis, Watson, Howard.
    D- Peppers, McDowell, Cunningham, Thomas,

    I’d love any others players, I didn’t mention the top 10 locks bc obviously we’d want them.

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