NFL Mock Database Consensus: Garrett top pick of 94% of mock drafts

The NFL Mock Draft Database consensus picks have been updated for the top six picks and the Washington Redskins.   The consensus includes all NFL mock drafts updated between February 24 and March 3, which is 51 mock drafts.  Consistent with prior Mock Draft Database mock munches, DE Myles Garrett is the overwhelming consensus pick as the top overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns.  In fact, 94% or 48 of the 51 updated mock drafts project Garrett as the top pick.

The NFL Mock Draft Database is updated multiple times per week. This is the 15th NFL Draft that the Mock Draft Database has tracked mock drafts. The Database is made up of a wide variety of mock drafts, from national media sites, to media general sites, to individual team fan sites, to NFL Draft sites and to personal blogs.

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Here is how the Top Six picks in the NFL Draft look, according to the various NFL mock drafts.

DE Myles Garrett is consensus top pick

1st Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns

Projected Pick: DE Myles Garrett

Projection: 94% of 51 recent mock drafts

This has been consistent since we started munching the mock drafts in mid-January.  It really has not fluctuated all that much.  Out f the 51 updated NFL mock drafts, 48 of them project DE Myles Garrett to the Cleveland Browns with the top overall pick.  Garrett is the consensus top defensive lineman in the NFL Draft.  His performance at the NFL Combine has done absolutely nothing to shake that confidence.  He ran a quite impressive 4.64 40 at the Combine.  Additionally, he recorded an impressive, unofficial 41-inch vertical, which tops all defensive lineman over the past decade.  Garrett Is entering the NFL Draft as a Junior out of Texas A & M where he recorded 32.5 sacks.

Jonathan Allen and Mitchell Trubisky dominate mocks between picks 2 and 3

2nd Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Projected Pick: DE Jonathan Allen * (indicates change from last consensus)

Projection: 35% of 51 recent mock drafts

We have a new projected leader as the consensus for the second overall pick to the SF 49ers.  The past two updates showed North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky as the leading projection to the 49ers.  That changed this week.  DE Jonathan Allen now leads to the 49ers with 35% of the 51 mocks projecting him to the 49ers.  40 of the 51 updated mock drafts project Allen to either go second or third overall.  There had been some reports about shoulder issues with Allen.  Physical examination did indicate beginning of arthritic development in his left shoulder, but all medical reports indicate that the shoulder arthritis would not be a problem in his NFL career, perhaps effecting him 15 to 20 years from now. Allen had an impressive 2016 season, recording 10 1/2 sacks, 69 tackles and 16 tackles for loss.   Allen ran a 5.0 in the 40.  Other popular project picks for the 49ers are QB Mitchell Trubisky (15 mocks) and LB Reuben Foster (7 mocks)

3rd Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

Projected Pick: DE Johnathan Allen

Projection: 43% of 51 recent mock drafts

The Bears have multiple needs and the popular pick here is DE Jonathan Allen  Of course, that is all continent on what the 49ers do one slot above.  22 of the 51 mock drafts project Allen to the Bears.  Another very popular pick here is QB Mitchell Trubisky.  17 of the 51 updated mock drafts project Trubisky to go third overall.  32 of the 51 mock drafts project Trubisky to go 2nd or 3rd overall.  Besides Allen and Trubisky, there really are no other popular projected picks to the Bears.

Jamal Adams is popular pick between the 4th and 5th picks

4th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Pick: DB Jamal Adams

Projection: 31% of the 51 mock drafts

Safety Jamal Adams is the top pick here by 31% of the 51 mock drafts. He has been a consistent leader here for mock drafts.  Safety position is one of the deep defensive positions in the 2017 draft class and Adams leads among them, along with Malik Hooker and Jabrill Peppers.  Adams recorded 76 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 1 sack, and 1 interception is an impressive 2016 season at LSU.  Other popular picks here are DE Soloman Thomas (9 mocks) and RB Leonard Fournette (8 mocks).

5th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans

Projected Pick: S Jamal Adams

Projection: 29% of 49 recent mock drafts

For the second consecutive update, Adams also leads among mock drafts as the 5th overall pick to Tennessee.  Other popular picks here are WR Michael Williams (11 mocks) and CB Marshon Lattimore (10 mocks).  29 of the 51 mock drafts project Lattimore to either go 5th or 6th overall.

6th Overall Pick: New York Jets

Projected Pick: CB Marshon Lattimore

Projection: 27% of 51 recent mock drafts

CB Marshon Lattimore is the top projected pick to go the Jets for the third consensus update in a row. 27% of the mock drafts project the Jets to take Lattimore. Lattimore is highly regarded as the top cornerback in the NFL Draft.  The Ohio State cornerback recorded 41 tackles and 4 interceptions last season.  The knock on Lattimore is health.  he has struggled at times with hamstring injuries. n He had surgery his freshman year on his hamstring.  Other popular projections here are: RB Leonard Fournette (9 mocks) and RB Dalvin Cook (4 mocks).

Now, on to the Washington Redskins

When taking look at the breakdown of the 51 mock drafts, Defensive Line remains the top projected position for the Washington Redskins. Of the 51 updated mock drafts, 22 project a defensive lineman. 42 of the 51 mock drafts project the Redskins to select defense with he 17th overall pick.  Following defensive line are Linebacker (8 mocks) and Safety (7 mocks)

The selections are so scattered. Here is the breakdown among the top three Defensive Line projections:

DL Malik McDowell remains the top projected pick to the Redskins by 12 of the 51 mock drafts.  That shows you how scattered the Redskins projection are with he 17th pick.  The top Linebacker is Zach Cunningham (6 mocks) and the top safety is Jabrill Peppers (5 mocks).