Myles Garrett projected by 88% of mocks to be first pick in NFL Draft

Defensive End Myles Garrett is projected by 88% of the mock drafts to be the top overall pick in the NFL Draft.  This is according to the 41 mock drafts that have been updated since January 20, 2017.  You can view them all right here in the Web’s Original NFL Mock Draft Database.

Our NFL Mock Draft Database is updated multiple times per week.  This is the 15th NFL Draft that the Mock Draft Database has tracked mock drafts.  The Database is made up of a wide variety of mock drafts, from national media sites, to media general sites, to individual team fan sites, to NFL Draft sites and to personal blogs.  You can discuss the Redskins and the NFL Draft here in our Redskins community.

Here is how the Top Six picks in the NFL Draft look, according to the various NFL mock drafts.

Myles Garrett top pick in the NFL Draft

1st Overall Pick:  Cleveland Browns

Projected Pick:  DE Myles Garrett

Projection:  88% of 41 recent mock drafts

Mock drafts are convinced that Defensive End Myles Garrett will be the top overall pick in the NFL Draft.  It isn’t even close.  Out of the 41 mock drafts updated since January 20, 2017, 36 mock drafts, or 88%, project Garrett to be selected by Cleveland.  Other picks are Defensive End Johnathan Allen and Quarterback Deshaun Watson.

2nd Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Projected Pick: QB Matt Trubisky

Projection: 46%% of 41 recent mock drafts

This pick has been in a state of flux given the imminent Kyle Shanahan hiring as head coach and the relationship between Shanahan, a former Washington Redskins offensive coordinator in Washington under his father, Mike Shanahan, and Redskins QB Kirk Cousins.  Rumors and reports have circulated that the 49ers may have interest in pursuing a trade for Cousins, who is unsigned and expected to get a hefty deal.  However, I don’t see a deal being made for Cousins.  I see a long-term deal between Cousins and the Redskins.  That being said, North Carolina signal caller Matt Trubisky us the favorite here of 19 mock drafts, or 46% of the 41 mock drafts.  No doubt, Shanahan will need a new quarterback in San Fran.  Is Trubisky the favorite to be the first quarterback taken, in an otherwise, weak quarterback draft. Other popular selections here are quarterbacks Dashing Watson and DeShone Kizer.

3rd Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

Projected Pick: DE Johnathan Allen

Projection: 46% of 41 recent mock drafts

The Bears have multiple needs and getting some free cap money from the dead cap of Jay Cutler,  They also need help on the defense.  46%, or 19 mock drafts, project the Bears to select Defensive End Johnathan Allen.  If Garrett goes first overall, Allen is the next best defensive player in the Draft.  Other top selections here include QBs Matt Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, and Dishpan Watson.

4th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Pick: DE Johnathan Allen

Projection: 29% of 41 recent mock drafts

When we get down to  the fourth pick, it begins to get hazy because it is all dependent on the top three picks and how they pan out.  Here, 29% of the mock project DE Johnathan Allen to the Jags.  That of course is based on Allen not going as the top pick or third overall to Chicago.  Another options here could be the Vols’ pass rusher Derek Barnett. For actual mock drafts, other popular selections here include Safety Jamal Adams, who actually was only 2 projections behind Allen, with 10 mocks projecting Adams to Jacksonville.  S Malik Hooker is a popular choice here as well.  Either way, most mock drafts believe Jacksonville will go defensive.  Makes sense given how heavy this draft is in quality defensive players.

5th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans

Projected Pick: WR Mike Williams

Projection: 27% of 41 recent mock drafts

See above.  This pick will obviously be based up the four picks above it.  Here, 27% of mock draft think the Titans will go offensive and select Wide Receiver Mike Williams.  Jacksonville could certainly use help at wide out.  Other popular selections here are S Malik Hooker, S Jamal Adams, and CB Marshon Lattimore.  In fact, 24 of the 41 mock drafts expect Jacksonville to address the secondary with either a cornerback or a safety.

6th Overall Pick: New York Jets

Projected Pick: RB Leonard Fournette

Projection: 22% of 41 recent mock drafts

See above. This pick will be all over the place.  Right now, the leader is RB Leonard Fournette, with 22% of the mocks projecting the jets to select the power back from LSU.  Other popular selections here include QB Dashaun Watson and QB DaShone Kizer

Now, on to the Washington Redskins

When taking look at the breakdown of the 41 mock drafts, mock drafts are fairly convinced the Redskins will go Defensive Line.  In fact, 56% of mock drafts indeed believe Washington will select defensive line.  It’s a good bet.  The biggest weakness on Washington’s defense and there are many, is up front on the line, as well as, bad int he secondary.  Between cornerback and safety, 8 of the 41 mocks project Washington to select secondary.  Here is the positional breakdown.

Defensive Line: 23 mocks

Cornerback: 4 mocks

Safety: 4 mocks

Linebacker:  4 mocks

Running Back:  3 mocks

Wide Receiver: 2 mocks

The selections are so scattered.  Here is the breakdown among the Defensive Line projections:

DL Malik McDowell:  8 mocks

DL Soloman Thomas:  4 mocks

DE Derek Barnett:  3 mocks

DL Taco Charlton:  2 mocks

DE Chris Wormley:  2 mocks


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