Monday After Redskins Pundit Report: Packers at the Redskins

The Washington Redskins thumped the Green Bay Packers on prime time TV last evening, 42-24.  Here is what the Monday after medial pundits had to say.

Monday Morning Quarterback,

“How you like me now!!!!” So there was this strange Vine (didn’t Vine die?) after Washington’s massacre of the Packers last night. It’s quarterback Kirk Cousins, following one of the best games of his life (21 of 30, 375 yards, three touchdowns, no picks, 145.8 rating), being approached by GM Scot McCloughan, captured by a CSN Mid-Atlantic camera and microphone. “How you like me now!!! How you like me now!!!” Cousins screams, while McCloughan attempts to hug him. Cousins doesn’t return the hug. McCloughan says, “Good job. Good stuff, man,” and they slap hands, and a glaring Cousins then runs his hand over McCloughan’s head.

Our Comment:  It was a bit weird.  But hey, it is about excitement and likely pent up frustration due to not having a long term deal.  Don’t worry Kirk, the money truck is coming down the road.

Sorting the Sunday Pile, CBS Sport

Cousins was fantastic Sunday night, leading the Redskins to 42 points while completing 70 percent of his passes for 375 yards — and averaging 12.5 yards per pass — and three touchdowns.

The beleaguered quarterback, currently playing on a one-year deal, has looked really good the past few weeks. The reason he’s yelling at McCloughan might not be contract related, but the issue is still boiling. He’s due a bunch of cash in the future, and if he keeps ripping off big games and big wins, the Redskins won’t have a choice but to pay him.

Sunday Night Takeaways, CBS Sports

Way too often we see coaches turtle up in big moments and play not to lose. Inevitably, that leads to the exact result they were trying to avoid. Well, to borrow a phrase from Mike Tomlin, Gruden did not live in his fears Sunday night. With six minutes to go and the Redskins leading 29-24, they faced a fourth-and-1 from their own 42-yard line. Most coaches not named Bill Belichick are punting. Instead, Cousins ran a quarterback sneak and got the first down easily.

Our Comment:  Gutsy call of the night was that fourth and one, and may very well have been the game tipping point. This coaching staff takes a ton of heat in the Nation’s Capital.  That is just the way it is.  Lets give credit to where it is due.  After an 0-2 season start, the Redskins could have very well imploded under the pressure of expectations after winning the NFC East in 2015.   The fact they did not implode, steadied the ship, and now look like a winner, well, that is on Jay Gruden.  He is putting the offense in position to score, and score a lot.  Although I question a bit, not the fact the Redskins went for two twice, given the wind situation, but the play calling on those conversion attempts, Jay Gruden is a big chunk of the Washington Redskins success we are seeing today.

Week 11 Grades, CBS Sports

When the Redskins go to the negotiating table with Kirk Cousins this offseason, all Cousins needs to do is bring film of this game. Despite swirling 20-mph winds, Cousins was still able to throw for 375 yards and three touchdowns. More importantly, Cousins didn’t make any ugly mistakes, like throwing an interception at the worst possible time.

Our Comment:  Yup.

What we learned.

It wasn’t just the passing game that lit Green Bay’s defense aflame. Rob Kelley had his third consecutive monster outing, running for 137 yards and three touchdowns for his first career 100-plus-yard game. With Matt Jones sidelined, Kelley has taken the starting running back role by force. His head-down, straight-away running style makes him one of the league’s most difficult backs to bring down and puts the ‘Skins in easy down-and-distance situations on every drive.

Our Comment:  Rob Kelley is better than Matt Jones.  Rob Kelley is better than Alfred Morris.  Rob Kelley is good.  The Redskins found their running back in undrafted rookie Robert Kelley.  Last night, Kelley crossed the 100 yard mark in his third NFL start, rushing for 137 on 24 carries, an average of 5.7 yards per carry.  That included a 66 yard dash at the end of the game that sealed Green Bay’s fate, although Green Bay was already on life support.  He runs hard.  he runs with blockers.  he gains yards after initial contact.  he has great running instincts.  Again, the Redskins found their running back.  Oh, and can I add, Kelley also punched the ball into the end zone 3 times.  Yes, THREE TIMES.

What we learned,

The Kirk Cousins 2016 Tour is going exactly to plan. For those who are new to the program, I have been pushing the notion since Week 5 that Cousins would have an incredible late-season run, earn himself a new, big money contract, and then totally implode in the postseason, making everything super confusing and aggressive and amazing.

Our Comment:  Hater.

40 Things We Learned, USA Today

Kirk Cousins. Pay the man. If you don’t, Mr. Snyder, someone else will.

Our Comment:  Something tells me this is a GMSM call, not Dan Snyder.  That’s old school Redskins.

Sunday Night Review, Pro Football Talk

Washington General Manager Scot McCloughan put together a good offensive line, but not many teams can withstand the loss of their left tackle and keep trucking.

With Trent Williams serving the second of his four-game suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy, backup Ty Nsekhe did a solid job of keeping Clay Matthews from being a factor, and the rest of the line was more than up to the task.  Right tackle Morgan Moses isn’t 100 percent healthy, but he and the rest of the line did a job of protecting Cousins and opening enough run lanes to keep the Packers honest.

Our Comment:  This is one of the most underrated parts of this team.  Kirk Cousin, Rob Kelley, and Jamison Crowder get the glory, but the where the Redskins really beat the Packers was up front.  The pass protection was terrific and the rushing blocking was solid.  Overall, this Redskins offensive line gets a ton of credit for that win last night.


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