Media Roundup of the Redskins First Round Draft Pick

Here are the grades and comments of the Washington Redskins selection of DT Jonathan Allen as the 17th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

From Pete Prisco at CBS Sports

Grade:  A

Comment:  He’s a top five talent that fell.  This is a heck of a pick.

From Chris Burke at

Grade:  A

Comment:  Headed into the draft, this was a difficult pick to peg because the Redskins’ needs up front did not seem to match with the value expected to be here. Even with Allen’s spotty medicals at the combine (arthritic shoulders), Washington could not have imagined he would slip to the back half of Round 1. So, when he did, this was an obvious selection. Allen’s presence will make Washington’s previously porous front much more difficult to run against, and it will ratchet up the pass rush—either via Allen himself bringing heat, or by Allen drawing attention from his teammates.

From Steven Ruiz at USA Today

Grade: A+

Comment:   Allen is the steal of the draft. Concerns about his shoulder caused him to slide. His loss is Washington’s gain. If that shoulder is healthy, he’s going to give them a disruptive force on the interior. The Redskins needed pass rush; they’ll get it from Allen.


Grade:  A

Comments:  Allen’s shoulders might be an issue six or seven years from now, but the Redskins needed a big-time talent up front right now. Excellent value.

From Dieter Kurtenbach from Fox Sports

Grade:  A

Comment: Allen falling this low was a shock to many. Not me. While his tape was awesome — he was the No. 2 player on my big board coming out of the college season — his athletic testing scores were scary low and he has serious injury concerns with his shoulder. He’s well worth the risk at No. 17, though, and he’s a need and tremendous scheme fit for Washington. And again, that tape is awesome.

From Mark Maske from the Washington Post

Grade: B+

Comment: This could be a very good selection for the Redskins, who didn’t even need a general manager to make it. Allen was regarded by some draft analysts as one of the best five players in the entire draft.

From Yahoo Sports

Grade: A

Comment: Allen is the best true interior talent in the draft, and he fell for long-term concerns over his potentially arthritic shoulders. But even on a loaded Bama D, he stood out as a disruptor who has a little Geno Atkins in him. In a 3-4 scheme he’ll be asked to hold the point more, but you can’t hold Allen back. He’s smart, strong, instinctive and will be an asset to a defense that could use a little more juice up front.

From SB Nation

Grade: A-

Comment: A whole bunch of people had Allen projected to be a top five pick, but Washington gets him in the top five instead. The team has ignored the defensive line in the draft for too long and they correct that in a big way here. The shoulder injury concerns that caused many teams to pass is the only reason this gets a minus attached.

Tune in here for more analysis from the second and third rounds that take place this evening.  You can also live discuss the NFL Draft with us tonight in our Redskins Facebook community.


  • yeah . . . well worth the risk . . . definitely a top 2 or 3 talent in my opinion and some had him as the best player in the draft . . . while it was a no brainer, this was a GREAT pick, probably the best we’ve made in years.

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