Media Reaction to the Redskins firing of Scot McCloughan

Now that the news has sunk in that the Washington Redskins have fired GM Scot McCloughan and that the front office is back in the control of non-football people, we take a tour through the national and local media for their reaction. Indeed, it appears the Washington Redskins are against staring at dark days ahead.

From Pro Football Talk

The smart move for Washington would be to pay the money and move on. They knew McCloughan had alcohol issues when they hired him, and the industry is rife with alcohol use/abuse. (Hell, Jay Gruden’s latest contract extension was negotiated AT A BAR.) Short of any evidence that alcohol actually impaired his ability to do his job, this is nothing more than an effort to move on from a guy they no longer want and to rely on something they already knew about to justify not paying him.

From CBS Sports

It happens all the time and it has been the norm for most of Dan Snyder’s regime as owner. They can keep it together and try to adhere to the slow, steady build for a little while. Eventually, though, the powers that be get a little bored and get a little caught up in their feelings about being marginalized and not getting the accolades for whatever modicum of success is being attained, and then they begin to nose around and peddle in chaos and the turnover eventually begins anew.

From Deadspin

McCloughan may have serious alcohol problems, but if it seems like Washington is smearing him on the way out of the door—and that the Post is letting them do so anonymously—well that would be straight out of the Dan Snyder playbook. And why the smearing and airing of the man and team’s dirty laundry?

From the Richmond Times

When he arrived at training camp practices, his face red, and not the kind of red that occurs from being in the sun too long, you wondered.

When you talked to him coming off the field after a summer practice and got a whiff of what smelled like alcohol on his breath, you wondered. When you saw him in the locker room after a regular-season victory, a wide smile on his, again, deeply flushed face, you wondered.

From CBS Local

The honeymoon didn’t last long. An informed source told 106.7 The Fan that McCloughan has not been part of the organization’s decision-making process for months – possibly even since early in his 26-month tenure with Washington.

The same source also said Allen, Gruden, senior personnel executive Doug Williams, director of pro personnel Alex Santos and director of college scouting Scott Campbell have been making decisions as a group with Allen holding final say. The source insisted that McCloughan had long ago “lost the respect” of Redskins coaches and staff for drinking episodes that spilled into the workplace.

From the Big Lead

So either McCloughan was drinking again, or Allen and the team’s top brass really didn’t like him. Either way, the fact that Washington is leaking his alcohol issues is a clear shot at the team’s now-former GM. If the franchise really cared about his health, everyone involved would keep that quiet.


The truth? Well, the truth is that at least a part of this is the Redskins reverting once more to being the dysfunctional organization we’ve all gotten to know over the past decade-and-a-half.

And there came a point where team president Bruce Allen took over. The reasoning will be the subject of debate, but that shift in power is ultimately, as I understand it, a major reason why McCloughan wound up sitting out the combine, which is as central to his job as any event on the NFL calendar. This time it wasn’t about ownership. It became McCloughan vs. Allen.

From CSN Washington

It began to look like the end was near for McCloughan when he did not return to work at Redskins Park when the organization returned from the combine on Tuesday. Reports earlier this week indicated that he had been cut out of the decision making loop when the team made such major moves as applying the exclusive franchise tag to Kirk Cousins, re-signing tight end Vernon Dean, and signing head coach Jay Gruden to a contract extension.

From the Sporting News comments from Dale Earnhardt Jr.

GM who reportedly is a football mind and players GM, gone. The franchise record breaking QB 2Xs over wants a trade. It’s only March.

No chance, I’m betting on outliving this horseshit carousel.

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  • How bout the fact that they waited for him to get his shit together and lost patience. I’m the first one to help anyone and be a supportive person, but Scott has been given several opportunities. Alcoholism is a very serious matter, but at some point, the person has to want to help themselves. Skins knew what they were getting into. They have signed several players they shouldn’t have. Poor decisions all around for years

  • What does lose credence here is the fact that he was fired by two other franchsies for the same issue. That makes it a bit more plausible. I don’t argue that. I argue the leaks and timing. I also believe that the Allen/Gruden camp began pushinbg GMSM out more than a year ago.

  • He should have had a clause in his contract for weekly testing. The part that bothers me the most with Skins and other teams, they always take chances with so called Star players and Staff. I have a model that has always worked for me. 3 athletes, two super stars and one a tad less gifted. The one that is a tad less talented or gifted gets along with others better, works harder and is a great role model for teamates and everyone around him. Those typically in football are later rounds in the draft. In my program the wolf on the bottom usually surpasses or catches the Head of the pack. Obviously it doesn’t always work. I think Gibbs 1.0 really relied on that model. I was in those locker rooms, everyone got along.

  • i believe they didn’t really care as long as it wasn’t effecting them too much . . . then he decided he could’t be at the combine . . . and then the start of FA . . . and that was the last straw.

  • and from someone that has a very close relationship to a couple of people inside the organization: “I’ve been talking with other media guys for a couple of months now about seeing and reading about McCloughan being (or at least looking) quite drunk (really was noticeable at the Senior Bowl). To be clear, I personally didn’t see it. But heard from multiple people I trust, all outside the organization. Of course that’s a serious and personal issue so it’s not something you just blurt out. We were all pretty stunned when Cooley said it on air. I mean you just don’t do that.

    Around that time, I got a tip that McCloughan had not been a Redskins Park and let one of the reporters know. A handful of us started to see what was going on, vetting it through various sources. Dismissing some as not being reliable. The one constant we heard from McCloughan to his agent to Redskins officials was “Don’t worry, I’ll (he’ll) be at the combine.” Agents started calling reporters and a couple of reporters called me “Where’s Scot? The rest of the team is here” And that’s when the rest of the commotion started.”

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