Live Microphone: Von Miller on Trent Williams

Reigning Super Bowl MVP and professional QB-destroyer Von Miller of the Denver Broncos recently penned an article for The Players Tribune about the 5 toughest players he’s ever faced. Leading off the list is Trent Williams, the superstar left tackle of our own Washington Redskins.

Take it away, Von:

The four-time Pro Bowler. The classic Beast. Trent has all the physical tools. But what separates him is that he’s also the most mentally tough guy I’ve ever seen. He has that swag about him that makes him almost more like a defensive player. He loves talking to you. Usually it’s just the defensive guys talking — “I’m on your ass all day, bruh!” But Trent has that defensive mentality on the other side of the ball. Some tackles, they just want to not get beat, but Trent is always in attack mode.

The battle at the line of scrimmage is like a 12-round boxing fight. He’s going to get some punches in, and I’m going to get some punches in. What makes a great offensive lineman is the ability to take a shot on the chin and get right back up and not be rattled. If Trent gets beat, he knows it’s part of the game. He doesn’t get passive — he’s right back on your ass the next play. His mind-set is like, “You beat me? Alright, you got lucky on that play. Let’s go.” That’s the confidence you need to be great over four quarters. He’s the toughest guy on the field every single play.