Is the Washington Redskins front office in disarray?

This question likely does not surprise you.  It is a questioned that has become commonplace since the purchase of the franchise by Daniel Snyder in 1999, following the death of long time owner Jack Kent Cooke.

Where is Scot McCloughan?

Most Washington Redskins fans were absolutely thrilled when the Redskins brass hired Scot McCloughan as General Manager.  McCloughan was known for helping to build the SF 49ers, Green Bay Packers, and Seattle Seahawks.  He is well known as one of the best talent evaluators in pro football.  It was not just about the man himself.  It was more about a sense of hope in competency returning to football decisions in Ashburn.  For years, the Redskins front office was run by owner Daniel Snyder and an array of “Yes” men.  The team operated more like an expensive fantasy football with washed out veterans on large, undeserved contracts than a true NFL franchise.   Obviously, the product of those years were pretty crappy rosters that were devoid of any true talent and hope for the future.

McCloughan has not been perfect.  He has struck out on free agency signings,  such as Stephen Paea, David Bruton, and Jeron Johnson, but the Redskins have been in the NFL playoffs in two seasons with  McCloughan in DC. Still a lacking roster, especially on defense, there appears to be a move toward roster competency and talent.  The offense built by McCloughan was the NFL’s third best offense.  Thye have build a strong offensive line.  Word out of Redskins Park would be that this off-season would shift focus to rebuilding a horrible defense.  However, so far this off-season, the Redskins front office appears to be gripped in indecision.  Perhaps it is because of the tension and battle going on inside the Redskins front office.

Brian McNally confirmed with McCloughan himself  that he was NOT at the NFL Combine.   So one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL is NOT at the Combine.

Secondly, Chris Russell from 106.7 The Fan reported last evening that McCloughan’s power in Ashburn has dissipated.

If these reports are indeed true, and we have no reason to believe they are not, Scot McCloughan’s days in Washington are numbered.  In fact, Redskins beat reporter Brian McNally reported that McCloughan was sent home on February 20 and has not returned to Redskins Park since that day.

Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan was sent home from the team on Feb. 20, a source has told 106.7 The Fan, and he is not at this week’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

McCloughan denied the story and said that he was home dealing with the death of his grandmother, who died on February 6th.  So the grandmother died back on February 6th, the funeral was reportedly on February 13, and the GM is not going to the NFL Combine because of his grandmother’s death.  OK, got it.

So who is in charge?

Of all the reports we have seen, the good news is that it does not appear to be as simplistic as Daniel Snyder wanting control back.  Instead, it appears to be his right hand man, Bruce Allen, the Team President, reasserting his control over all Redskins operations.   Allen also appears to be loosening the reigns for former redskins’ quarterback and Superbowl MVP Doug Williams to have more say in the front office.

Now, according to several NFL sources, the Redskins brass who are at the combine are head coach Jay Gruden, Senior Executive Doug Williams, Director of Pro Personnel, Alex Santos, and scouts.  The fact that McCloughan, who’s strength is talent evaluation, is not at the Combine, to me speaks volumes that his future at Redskins park is winding down quickly.

There is no doubt that the person in charge at Redskins park is Bruce Allen.  This entire scenario smacks of conflict between Allen and McCloughan.  Given Allen’s closeness with Snyder, this was never a competition.  Perhaps what Allen desires is more of a “yes” man for him, and perhaps that someone will be Doug Williams.

The next few days may spell it all out

What is a Redskins off-season without front office dramatics?  Really?  You thought a drama free Ashburn headquarters would last?  The next few days me be crucial in the future and fate of the McCloughan role at Redskins Park.  However, given the fact that he is not present at the NFL Combine makes me think his role is quite clear, it’s over.

The other thing we don’t know is the impact, if any, all of the conflict in front office dynamics, has impacted roster decisions.  It is pretty clear the Redskins bungled the Kirk Cousins long term contract situation.  It is pretty clear, based on certain statements, that Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson feel slighted by lack of attention by the front office to their contract situations.  In fact, according to ESPN this morning, the Redskins still have not even reached out to kick the tires on Garcon.  Has the paralyzed situation at Ashburn crippled decision making?  Has it crippled sense of direction?

Given the picture posted just a few days ago by DE Chris Baker of him and Scot McCloughan, perhaps Baker was trying to tell us something.  Rather than it being misread with him being resigned, perhaps it had more to do with solidarity to McCloughan.

Buy hey, you could only stand drama free off-season for so long.  Right?

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