65 NFL Mock Drafts Project the Top Six Picks

The NFL Mock Draft Database consensus picks have been updated for the top six picks.   We munched together the 65 most recent NFL mock drafts, all updated between April 17 and April 21.   Consistent with prior Mock Draft Database mock munches, DE Myles Garrett is the overwhelming consensus pick as the top overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns.  In fact, 64 of the 65 mock drafts project Garrett to the Browns.

Our NFL Mock Draft Database is updated multiple times per week. This is the 15th year the Mock Draft Database has tracked mock drafts.

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Here is how the top six picks in the NFL Draft look, according to the various NFL mock drafts.

1st Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns

Projected Pick: DE Myles Garrett


It is overwhelming.  64 of the 65 mock drafts are convinced that Cleveland will select DE Myles Garrett.  Nothing more to say here.  Perhaps the only way this get screwed up is if the Browns find a suitable trade partner with an overwhelming offer.

2nd Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Projected Pick: DE Soloman Thomas


Mock drafts have been pretty solid on DL Soloman Thomas to San Fran.  It has been pretty consistent since the NFL Combine.  In this mock draft munch, 60% of the 65 recent mock drafts project Thomas to the 49ers.  We still never know here whether an offer could come from the Washington Redskins that could involve QB Kirk Cousins.  Other projections here:  RB Leonard Forunette, most of these involve trade scenarios, and QB Mitchell Trubisky.

3rd Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

Projected Pick: S Jamal Adams


DL Jonathan Allen led here for weeks.  Not anymore.  S Jamal Adams is now the favorite to land in Chicago.  Adam leads with 35% of the mocks projecting him third overall.  Other popular choices here include DL Jonathan Allen, CB Marshon Lattimore, and DL Soloman Thomas.

4th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Pick: RB Leonard Fournette

The number of mock drafts projecting LSU RB Leonard Fournette to Jacksonville has grown over recent weeks.  Over half of the NFL mock drafts, 55% to be precise, project Jacksonville to bolster their ground attack with Fournette.  Other popular choices here are DL Jonathan Allen and DL Soloman Thomas.

5th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans

Projected Pick:  CB Marshon Lattimore


CB Marshon Lattimore has been the favorite here for some time.  Overall, 38% of the mock drafts project Lattimore to Nashville. He is the best corner int he NFL Draft and the Titans could certainly use a bona fide shut down corner back.  Other popular choices here are S Jamal Adams, TE OJ Howard, S Malik Hooker, and WR Michael Williams.

6th Overall Pick: New York Jets

Projected Pick: QB Mitchell Trubisky


QB Mitchell Trubisky is the new leader tot he New York Jets.  Obviously, this may depend on what the 49ers plan to do at #2.  The Jest projected picks really are scattered here, with Trubisky leading 25% of mocks.  Other popular choices here are CB Marshon Lattimore, QB DaShaun Watson, S Jamal Adams, TE OJ Howard, and S Malik Hooker.