49 NFL Mock Drafts project Garett as top pick, McDowell to Redskins

49 NFL Mock Drafts munch shows that mock drafts are projecting overwhelmingly that DE Myles Garrett to be the top overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.  It isn’t even close.  For the Washington Redskins, defensive line is still the popular choice and of the defensive lineman, more mock drafts project DL Malik McDowell to Washington with the seventeenth overall pick.  Who now, that could change this coming week.  All eyes will be on the Redskins and what avenue they choose to take with QB Kirk Cousins.

We have updated the Consensus leaders at the top 6 NFL Draft slots.  The update includes all mock drafts listed in our NFL Mock Draft Database that were updated between February 17th through February 25th, a total of 49 mock drafts. The NFL Mock Draft Database is updated multiple times per week.  This is the 15th NFL Draft that the Mock Draft Database has tracked mock drafts.  The Database is made up of a wide variety of mock drafts, from national media sites, to media general sites, to individual team fan sites, to NFL Draft sites and to personal blogs.

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Here is how the Top Six picks in the NFL Draft look, according to the various NFL mock drafts.

Myles Garrett top pick in the NFL Draft

1st Overall Pick:  Cleveland Browns

Projected Pick:  DE Myles Garrett

Projection:  84% of 49 recent mock drafts

Mock drafts are convinced that Defensive End Myles Garrett will be the top overall pick in the NFL Draft.  From our last updated consensus in mid-February, Garrett slipped from 96% to 84% of mock projections.  Of the 49 mock drafts, 41 project Garrett to the Browns.  Other picks here include QB Mitch Trubisky and DE Jonathan Allen.

2nd Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Projected Pick: QB Mitch Trubisky

Projection: 36% of 49 recent mock drafts

Since our mid-February  consensus update, Trubisky remains the top projected pick to the 49ers, but slipped from 42% to 36%.  All eyes will be on the 49ers and Redskins this week.  NFL reports last week included a potential trade between the Redskins and 49ers that could include QB Kirk Cousins and the second overall pick.  49ers new head coach Kyle Shanahan has not been shy about his admiration for Cousins.  It is also well known that the relationship between Cousins and the Redskins is not all that great.  However, money resolved nearly everything in professional sports.  Of the 49 mock drafts, 18 project Trubisky to the 49ers.  Other popular selections here are DEs Jonathan Allen and Myles Garrett.

3rd Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

Projected Pick: DE Johnathan Allen

Projection: 33% of 49 recent mock drafts

The Bears have multiple needs and getting some free cap money from the dead cap of Jay Cutler. Jonathan Allen is still the top choice here, but since our mid-February consensus update, he feel from 46% to 33% of mock projections.  Of the 49 mock drafts, 16 project Allen to Chicago.  A Washington trade of Cousins for the second overall pick could completely change this pick, should the Redskins choose Allen.  Other popular picks here are:  QB Mitch Trubisky (14 mocks) and QB DeShaun Watson (6 mocks).

4th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Pick: DB Jamal Adams 

Projection: 27% of the 49 mock drafts

S Jamal Adams is the top pick here by 27% of the 49 mock drafts.  Not a big number. Much of what Jacksonville will do will obviously depend not he three prior picks.  The Jags will likely go defensive.  41 of the 49 mock drafts project the Jags to go defensive with the 4th overall pick.  Other popular picks here are Jonathan Allen (11 mocks), Soloman Thomas (7 mocks), and RB Leonard Fournette (6 mocks).

5th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans

Projected Pick: S Jamal Adams *

Projection: 31% of 49 recent mock drafts

We have a change in projection leader here.  The last two consensus updates had WR Michael Williams the favorite here to Tennessee.  That has changed.  The new projected leader is S Jamal Adams, projected by 31% of the mock drafts.  A popular projection on the rise here is CB Marshon Lattimore.  Other popular picks here are:  WR Michael Williams (10 mocks) and Marshon Lattimore (9 mocks).  Lattimore is one the rise, Williams is on the decline.

6th Overall Pick: New York Jets

Projected Pick: CB Marshon Lattimore 

Projection: 24% of 49 recent mock drafts

CB Marshon Lattimore is the top projected pick to go the Jets for the second consensus update in a row.  30% of the mock drafts project the jets to take Lattimore.  Other popular projections here are:  RB Leonard Fournette (8 mocks) and QB DaShaun Watson (6 mocks).

Now, on to the Washington Redskins

When taking look at the breakdown of the 49 mock drafts, Defensive Line remains the top projected position for the Washington Redskins.  Of the 49 mock drafts, 20 project a defensive lineman.  That is 41%, which is down from 46%.

Defensive Line: 20 mocks

Safety:  9 mocks

Linebacker:  8 mocks

Cornerback: 5 mocks

Running Back:  5 mocks

The selections are so scattered.  Here is the breakdown among the top three Defensive Line projections:

DL Malik McDowell:  13 mocks or 27%, which is an increase from last update of 16%.

DE Derek Barnett:  3 mocks

DL Soloman Thomas:  2 mocks

DL Chris Wormley: 1 mock

DL Taco Charlton:  1 mock